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Reeves, on the other hand, once again shows that dreadful hamminess that makes his continuing ability to find work one of the universe's great mysteries.
Juan Pons came to singing the seriocomic role of Fra Melitone not by way of the buffo baritone (the usual route) but by way of singing di Lunas and Rigolettos, which gave the character and its vocalism a heft and breadth not usually heard (the hamminess, however, derived from both strains of baritones).
Ray Winstone provides some rough-and-tumble comic relief as Round Table veteran Bors but it's Stellan Skarsgard, playing the Saxons' head honcho as a cross between John Wayne and Don Corleone, who hits the right note of epic hamminess.
Those pulling at the threads might also observe that the demands of the physical action mean Jackman's never really given the opportunity to instil much personality into Van Helsing while at the other extreme Roxburgh seizes on the overwrought dialogue with a hamminess that goes far beyond shameless.
She said: "In casting the Australian Guy Pearce as the villain Mondego, the filmmakers got a baddie of almost unprecedented hamminess.
The space mad actor, whose personality is big enough to warrant its very own planetary orbit, is in Prestatyn today to appear at the SFX Weekender sci-fi bash to relive the fabulous wild hamminess of his role in the 1980 movie Flash Gordon.
Banderas' performance tends toward hamminess, his line delivery suggesting Horatio Caine in "CSI: Miami.
The Colony rarely serves up a weak performance (although as last year's ``The Man Who Came to Dinner'' showed, occasional hamminess is appropriate for the company's menu).
I find you guilty, Michael, my old friend, of a performance of such hamminess that you could spread mustard on it and put it in a sandwich.
Shot to look Clint Eastwoodtall, Craig offsets much of the pic's potential hamminess through the same brute mix of ruthlessness and sensitivity he brought to the recent 007 pics.
He has a real expressiveness, mixing mellowness with melodrama as he acted out the music but never over-egged it with the kind of hamminess that blights many classical singers, even world-calibre ones.
Playing slightly against type this time (his Benedick is, among other things, tone deaf), Sills taps into the character's hamminess without making him a blowhard.
Garlin's laid-back performance (in contrast to the hamminess of alter-ego Jackie Gleason, often glimpsed on a background TV) generously grants center stage to Silverman's slightly psychotic ice-cream parlor waitress, Hunt's sweetly askew schoolteacher and Sedaris' off-the-wall counselor.
Mandan has a wistful hamminess, Dooley a patient good humor, and Mercer strikes the right middle note between shrill liberal angst and lapsed-Catholic schoolgirl penance.
Played with low-key hamminess by delectable vets Francois Berleand and Philippe Noiret, this dour but frequently funny movie is a nice bet for fests.