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It may have been cheesier, and indeed hammier, than a croquemonsieur but it left an indelible mark on the psyche of TV watching rug rats in the mid-80s.
Sheikh Ahmed bin Hammier Al Nabhani, senior manager, Human Resources at Oman Air, said Oman Air is very keen to fill these positions with Omani candidates of the right calibre.
He's hammier than a pork pie factory, although at least co-star Melissa (from Home And Away) is better, playing a woman trying to keep it together as the American Dream turns into a nightmare.
The acting is already hammier than one of Annie Sugden's prize porkers.
had better gadgets, and only "The Untouchables" had a hammier leading man, but it was the Enterprise's pajama-clad crew that confronted issues of genocide, racism, cultural integrity, population control, and genetic manipulation.