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a wrestling hold in which the opponent's arm is twisted up behind his back

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The new HammerLock 2 is an effective solution for hammertoe fixation.
Don sat on the fish, stepped on it, jumped on it and tried to apply a hammerlock.
In fact, he had resisted being sent to the region in the 1980s because of the "totalitarian" character of debate over American policies there--the lobby's "virtual hammerlock on American foreign policy," as he told an interviewer in the mid-'90s.
Japan has slightly eased its hammerlock on the CWC, agreeing that it be staged in the UAE for the next two years, but in 2011 it's back to Japan.
For the record, this is the only public service the cable industry has ever done and it hardly makes up for the oligarchical hammerlock it holds on the free flow of information--to the tune of about 50 bucks a month for the average American family, depending on whether it gets the "Do-It-Yourself Surgery Channel.
How old do you have to be before your uncle stops grabbing you in a hammerlock, digging a baseball-sized knuckle into the top of your buzz-cut and giving you a "nuclear noogie"?
And on other issues, from gay marriage in Massachusetts to auto emissions in California, states are pushing progressive legislation, even while the right keeps a hammerlock on Washington.
The Democratic and Republican Parties have a hammerlock on the system and they will never voluntarily allow the development of a true multiparty political system.
But one thing VanderKooy never expected was to wind up in the hammerlock of Olympic gold medal Greco-Roman wrestling champion Rulon Gardner.
I wanted to get my (PGA Tour) card,'' said Woods, who did so with a win in the Las Vegas Invitational to dodge the unpredictability of Q School, then added another win at the Disney World/Oldsmobile Classic to put a hammerlock on Rookie of the Year honors.
Fighting under the name Caiman, Karl is a already a wrestling champion fighting for the organisation Hammerlock UK, which hosts regular bouts in Cardiff.
With the exception of incumbents and vice presidents, no candidate late since Reagan has had a hammerlock on his or her party's nomination this long before the election.
Budding young wrestlers from across the country signed up for the wacky sessions, which were organised by Midlands Professional Wrestling, with NWA UK Hammerlock.
North East squad The Sensational IWF will take on the famed Hammerlock NWA UK, the first time the latter have worked with anyone outside their own organisation.
Another hammerlock that China's unstable banking system has on the U.