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This is also one of the premier dive sites in the world for schooling hammerhead sharks, which range from between six to hundreds travelling in a clockwise direction.
Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks (Sphyrna lewini): These sharks are found along coastlines in warm, temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans.
But there are no hammerhead sharks in the Tyne and, in their way, salmon are just as fascinating.
Scalloped hammerhead sharks are also endangered; fishermen target them for their fins, which are used in shark fin soup.
Bull, tiger, spinner and hammerhead sharks inhabit state waters along both coasts and throughout the Keys.
The birds are part of 33,000 other aquatic animals from over 220 species kept in the zoo, including crocodiles, hammerhead sharks and otters.
Great hammerhead sharks tend to be reef-associated, but some populations undertake seasonal offshore migrations (Compagno, 1984).
New species are regularly added with recent additions being the exquisite Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks and Electric Eel.
The eleventh Brindleyplace Dragonboat Festival was launched with a difference at the National Sea Life Centre where guests had the opportunity to explore the underwater at-t traction and see the brand new addition to the centre - the hammerhead sharks.
Along the way, the 4Dventurers come face to face with hammerhead sharks, angry rhinos and nastylooking scorpions.
The North coast offers particularly attractive diving at Whale Rock which is famous for the huge rocks, sea fan, huge stone corals, sometimes hammerhead sharks and other different species of fish.
Voted among the top five diving sites of the world, this rainforest island offers a great chance to meet greenback turtles, barracuda, manta rays, scalloped hammerhead sharks and whale sharks.
Just outside the capital, Palma Aquarium aims to recreate ocean habitats and ecosystems, with more than 8,000 specimens from over 700 species, including hammerhead sharks, rays, turtles and butterfly fish.
Colorful fish, coral, hammerhead sharks, and sunken treasure are all illustrated beautifully in this nonfiction picture book.
One of my favourite moments was swimming among 200 hammerhead sharks near Costa Rica It was a fantastic experience.