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It was not clear what particular species of the hammerhead shark was killed, but the incident was enough for the DENR chief to take action.
The Hammerhead, fitted with a wide variety of threat emulating payloads, enables ship operators to train against the piracy threat by simulating Fast Inshore Attack Craft.
Tim McClellen, who has fished for 20 years, nabbed a 1,033-pound hammerhead shark Sunday in the 55th Annual Texas City Jaycees Tackle Time tournament Saturday.
In the southeast and south regions of Brazil, the smooth hammerhead shark is caught near the coast using trawls and gill nets, and offshore in pelagic longline fisheries (Vooren et al.
Gateshead's Hammerhead VR was also named in the list and chosen as one of 10 Future Leaders, after winning the support of judges including Revolution Software founder Noirin Carmody and The Inbetweeners star Simon Bird.
PIERCING TOOLS Company Model Type Drive Weight Boring (lbs) Diameter Range (in) HammerHead 2.
The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) based near Geneva, Switzerland also said that the world's largest fish, the majestic whale shark, and a hammerhead shark species are now endangered.
Right: Christian Frausig, founder of Hammerhead VR | Left: An image from the Thunderhead project
Hammerhead sharks, the scientist said, are among the most sensitive.
Hammerhead already makes several excellent retractable Gear Keepers, but their new RT4 Series may be their best yet for hunters.
Coming up with the Hammerhead shape was really organic.
Most of which was loaded with Hard Cast Hammerhead bullets.
HammerHead Trenchless Equipment has introduced the HammerHead Roughneck R600, the largest of its pneumatic percussion drilling systems for use in horizontal directional drilling applications.
Conducting an operation, the police broke door of a shelter, where members of the gang stay with a hammerhead, police seized the women in Canada Real neighborhood.
and its Hammerhead Offroad brand, the company said.