hammer and sickle

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the emblem on the flag of the Soviet Union

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HAMMER AND SICKLE is entered in several races and should be successful in whatever's chosen.
Most interesting are the vivid anecdotes from interviews Hoffmann conducted in the late 1980s - some in Moscow's Izmailovskii park, others in the Hammer and Sickle factory - with retirees who had gone through the migration process in the 1930s.
It has long been a celebrated monument in Moscow and is thought to have incorporated the first use of the familiar hammer and sickle icon.
SPOT the real Lenin: actor Olaf Pooley (right) steps into Lenin's shoes in Hammer and Sickle (ATV 9.
I), 2005, a blinking neon-tube construction by the art duo Claire Fontaine (Fulvia Carnevale and James Thornhill), and also in Werner Buttner's photocollages, one showing a hammer and sickle in a ring of fire, a toy produce shop, and wall sign that reads WAITED ON BY FRAU HAss.
James Streeter was right on the money with ``Their flag'' (Your Opinions, May 22) when he stated that ``Unfortunately for them (the left), their flag has a hammer and sickle on it.
The meeting had begun with a bonanza for bookmakers when 33-1 chance Shatin Venture overturned the hotpot Hammer And Sickle in the Ayr May Novice Stakes.
Holland fell foul of the stewards when he dashed Hammer And Sickle, from a berth near the far side to a position near the stand rails in the Wiseton Novice Stakes.
The Hayward show starts with the Paris International Exhibition of 1937, where the towers of the German and Soviet Pavilions faced each other across the main axis, different mainly in their tops, where the monumental eagle of the Nazis faced the heroic Soviet couple bearing the hammer and sickle.