hammer and sickle

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the emblem on the flag of the Soviet Union

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The tinted glass of the curtain-walled facade acts as a faceted mirror to the Stalinist towers opposite, replete with freshly decorated hammer and sickle.
He added a pen to the traditional hammer and sickle on the Communist flag of North Korea, and developed a religion for his state, juche or self-reliance.
For not agreeing with right-wing neoconservative ideology, James Streeter says, the left endorses the hammer and sickle.
The red Soviet banner, albeit without the hammer and sickle, was also restored as Russia's military flag.
HAMMER AND SICKLE is entered in several races and should be successful in whatever's chosen.
Most interesting are the vivid anecdotes from interviews Hoffmann conducted in the late 1980s - some in Moscow's Izmailovskii park, others in the Hammer and Sickle factory - with retirees who had gone through the migration process in the 1930s.
To their dismay, polls showed that a vast majority of party members - even those who favored a change in name - were viscerally attached to the old symbol, the hammer and sickle.
It has long been a celebrated monument in Moscow and is thought to have incorporated the first use of the familiar hammer and sickle icon.