hamburger steak

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a patty of ground cooked beef

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The American menu features a couple dozen more items, such as Hamburger Steak ($7.
Retort pouch for foods sterilized by heat such as ika-meshi (roast cuttlefish in rice) and hamburger steak.
Your choices are pretty simple--catfish, fried shrimp, stuffed crabs, hamburger steak, or barbecue ribs.
You see, when Harris started up his business, he wanted to continue to cook the same cuisine that he was serving up at the Kahala Hilton, which means things like beef Wellington instead of hamburger steak, osso bucco instead of chicken katsu--and all for a little over $5.
The hamburger steak platter and the fried pork chops are part of that Southern foodways bliss, cooked perfectly with a choice of two great sides; now there is a dilemma
Louis style (with a dry rub), hamburger steak, and a charcoal-grilled ribeye.