hamburger bun

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a round bun shaped to hold a hamburger patty

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The Spenard facility can produce about seventy loaves of bread per minute and fifty packages of hamburger buns per minute, Brandt says.
Whole-grain bagels, English muffins, hamburger buns, pita (pocket) breads, tortillas, and wraps are showing up everywhere.
One-time hamburger bun king Mr Mark Dixon will wrap up a paper fortune of pounds 600 million next month.
for instance, large drops, which get flattened by air pressure into a shape resembling a hamburger bun, are too distorted to add significantly to the colors seen in a rainbow's upper portion.
A KING'S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Hamburger Bun, your signature burger recipe, a sliced Maui onion, pineapple slices and teriyaki sauce will result in 6 points every time.
The succulent pork is spooned onto a plate, or on a classic white hamburger bun -- no sesame seeds, ever
Other selections making the list included the Triple Play, a grilled triple stack of Pullman bread loaded down with smoked brisket and pulled pork, courtesy of the Reno Aces; the Fifth Third Burger, which includes five one-third pound hamburger patties, chili, chips and salsa packed into a 1-pound hamburger bun, courtesy of the West Michigan Whitecaps; and BBQ Nachos, courtesy of the Memphis Redbirds.
This week, Cheeseburger in Paradise becomes one of the first casual dining restaurants to offer a gluten-free hamburger bun to its menu.
25) that was unusual in the fact that a hamburger bun was used to form a mushy, soak-up bed under the burger meat topped with chili and beans.
77), which boasted a large helping of chicken that, unlike most chicken sandwiches, completely covered the ample hamburger bun.
The full-pound burger ($11) made of fresh ground beef, turkey or a vegetarian version can be ordered on a regular hamburger bun, honey wheat bun or English muffin.
To honor this Texas tradition, Hardee's([R]) is introducing the authentic Texas Toast Bacon Cheese Thickburger([R]), which features two thick pieces of grilled Texas Toast in place of the ubiquitous hamburger bun.
You don't want to think about what tuna salad on a hamburger bun looks like five hours after assembly.
INGREDIENTS 2 x large beef burgers; 4 cheese slices; 2 slices pimientos; 1 hamburger bun (or floured bap); large dollop mayonnaise; lettuce leaves; gherkins, sliced