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lacking physical movement skills, especially with the hands

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From the Bush administration, the bailout rollout was done with its customary ham-handedness and breathtaking hubris.
The Democrats' ham-handedness has largely diffused outstanding questions about Steele's finances.
Federal ham-handedness was underscored in a 2000 exercise called TOPOFF (for "top officials involved"), featuring simultaneous simulated attacks--a nuclear "event" in Washington, D.
What's left is an example of ham-handedness, even though the players may have felt they were doing absolutely the right thing.
Then FDA investigators threatened a 72-year-old doctor with prison for leaking info about the deadly drug to the press, bringing even election-weary politicians to the fore to denounce FDA ham-handedness.
To their arrogance and ham-handedness in handling this issue, the Scottish government have now added hypocrisy.
Even active party members were tempted to cast themselves as opponents of the regime, if not outright victims of persecution, for having sided with the church leadership in the culture wars of the 1930s, thereby foreclosing any serious consideration of their affinity with the Nazi project--a self-exculpatory impulse only reinforced, as Clemens Vollnhals and others have shown, by the ham-handedness of American denazification policies, which typically excluded the possibility of shifts in attitude over time.
But now these people find themselves swimming in Republican corruption, ham-handedness, and racial hypocrisy that recall the New York Democratic machines their parents fled because the bosses suffocated independence and tolerance.