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Synonyms for ham-handed

lacking physical movement skills, especially with the hands

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O'Hern acknowledged that there are those skeptical that the Quds Force would be involved in such a ham-handed plot and that it would form an alliance with drug cartels.
Although flawed by these ham-handed depictions, The Paladin Prophecy is action packed and loaded with easily deciphered mysteries, and will satisfy fantasy/adventure readers.
As a result the people in this book are more stereotypes than individuals, more ham-handed cartoons than emotionally detailed human beings.
In fact, there are more child-friendly entertainment options than ever before, no thanks to the government's ham-handed interference.
THE great illusionist Harry Houdini liked his assistants as ham-handed, wonky-kneed and generally incompetent as Mr Bean trying to dance on an extraordinarily tall pair of stilts.
This makes Schindler's List not just one of the most ham-handed Holocaust films ever made but also, peculiarly, one of the least Jewish in sensibility.
So Righthaven, ham-handed and over-reaching, appears to be collapsing.
Yet "the Kamasutra plays almost no role at all in the sexual consciousness of contemporary Indians" in part because it is largely known through the ham-handed translation by Sir Richard Francis Burton (and various others who generally aren't credited) published in 1883.
Dolan, proving that "Vatican officials" are not always ham-handed in their appointments, handled the situation deftly.
ONE OF THE most amusing childhood memories of this writer is of the family photographer's assistant who painted on pictures, turning normal-looking people appear clownish with his ham-handed strokes.
In this piece Glass's particular brand of minimalism comes into most direct and explicit confrontation with the romantic masterworks of' the string quartet form, with frankly uneven results--in the first movement the interaction between Glassian restraint and Schubertian emotion feels ham-handed, the simple ostinatos of 1970s minimalism crowded by swells of yearning chords.
There are lots of small parts in guns that are not easily handled or manipulated by ham-handed, sausagefingered humans, so a set of generic industrial tweezers and needle-nose pliers are handy.
This is the same difficulty with the ham-handed efforts on the part of the US Department of Energy to push the adoption of solid-state lighting.
At a time when safety in mines is at an all-time high, operators are justifiably bewildered by MSHA's ham-handed enforcement and regulatory approach.
Previous governments' dealings with the EU were ham-handed and amateurish, as illustrated by the sadly laughable move by the former governing coalition when, faced with the latest torrent of criticism about failures against organised crime, it offered not real action but a meaningless heap of "plans" worthy only of an era past.