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Synonyms for ham-handed

lacking physical movement skills, especially with the hands

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So Righthaven, ham-handed and over-reaching, appears to be collapsing.
ONE OF THE most amusing childhood memories of this writer is of the family photographer's assistant who painted on pictures, turning normal-looking people appear clownish with his ham-handed strokes.
In this piece Glass's particular brand of minimalism comes into most direct and explicit confrontation with the romantic masterworks of' the string quartet form, with frankly uneven results--in the first movement the interaction between Glassian restraint and Schubertian emotion feels ham-handed, the simple ostinatos of 1970s minimalism crowded by swells of yearning chords.
There are lots of small parts in guns that are not easily handled or manipulated by ham-handed, sausagefingered humans, so a set of generic industrial tweezers and needle-nose pliers are handy.
This is the same difficulty with the ham-handed efforts on the part of the US Department of Energy to push the adoption of solid-state lighting.
Previous governments' dealings with the EU were ham-handed and amateurish, as illustrated by the sadly laughable move by the former governing coalition when, faced with the latest torrent of criticism about failures against organised crime, it offered not real action but a meaningless heap of "plans" worthy only of an era past.
For us ham-handed shooters raised on bolt guns with long grips behind, not below the action, the AR-15 remains an enigma.
It's the ham-handed methods of selling and paying for this goal that are the problem.
In addition, Veloce burdened this effort with unimaginative, ham-handed layouts, and the aforementioned copy editing gaffes.
The rather ham-handed Simmons sure must have thought she was pulling the wool over people's eyes.
Because it peddles fashion and fantasy better than anyone, these clumsy attempts to soften up just feel as patronizing and ham-handed as a Very Special Episode of Blossom, but without the hats.
The eight large paintings and five smaller studies on view skirt the potential for ham-handed contrivance implicit in their theme and amount to an affecting rumination on the life force as pitted against the certainties of bone and death.
I found it to be an almost shocking trifecta: ham-handed, disingenuous and unpersuasive.
There's never any time that you should switch into "sales mode" with ham-handed persuasion clichAs and tag lines.
They may not out-and-out rebel against ham-handed orders from the pastor, but they can get surly.