ham sandwich

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a sandwich made with a filling of sliced ham

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It's like asking the political affiliation of a ham sandwich, when instead we need to be examining how to better form the unconscious beliefs that drive behavior.
Give him a ham sandwich if he promises not to hum that horrible tune ever again.
I especially admired a haiku inspired by a ham sandwich and 'Ode to Bluetack' which surely must be the first poem in print to recognise this most under celebrated of items.
4 5 Cheese and ham sandwich - 708 calories: A ham, brie and cranberry baguette from EAT is not always a lighter alternative.
I could have been eating a ham sandwich and wouldn't have realised it.
3g or less per 100g; Get the balance right It all adds up, so if you bought a ham sandwich or ate out for lunch, go for a low-salt salad or pasta dish later on to keep your overall salt intake under 6g.
OUR children are exposed to many dangers and temptations these days, but I didn't know a simple ham sandwich was one of them.
It's perfect spread on a ham sandwich and also good if you enjoy cooking, as you can use it as a base for many sauces.
On the Saturday, I bought my ticket and went to the gate, where I was told I couldn't take in a ham sandwich and a bottle of water.
This has resulted in a demand for higher hospitality standards and greater industry expectations; a ham sandwich and a gift bag simply won't cut it in today's market.
Did you hear the one about the grand jury that actually did indict a ham sandwich because Barry Bonds spread flaxseed oil on it?
Why don't you make a ham sandwich while you're up there taking a lunch break?
The Calfs return in a half-hour special, Paul and Pauline Calf's Cheese and Ham Sandwich, recorded live at Liverpool's Neptune Theatre, followed by a full series.
WHETHER YOU ARE A novice soccer coach who barely knows the difference between Mia Hamm and a ham sandwich, or an experienced coach who has worked with every age from 5 to 15-18, chances are you want to know more.
They are perfect for an antipasto presentation or a terrific ham sandwich.