ham hock

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a small cut of meat from the leg just above the foot

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A simple soup made with cabbage from the garden and a ham hock from the smokehouse or the local butcher.
Drain the ham hock and cover with fresh water and add the onion, star anise, garlic, carrots, celery, thyme, bay and juniper.
Pleased to meat you: Ham hock and parsley terrine with mustard lentils.
You can use Frankfurt sausages, Strasbourg sausages, fatty inexpensive and salted cuts of pork such as ham hocks, pork knuckles, shoulders and back bacon.
Meanwhile chop or tear the meat from the cooked ham hock into chunks.
HAM HOCK AND BUTTERBEAN SOUP "This is a tasty warming soup which is great for lunch on a cold day," says Everyman Bistro head chef Tom Gill.
Peas don't need fussy preparation: boil briefly until just tender, add a knob of butter and black pepper and perhaps crush them lightly with a fork before serving alongside grilled fish fillets or slices of boiled ham hock.
Just before serving, shred the meat off the bone of the ham hock.
Whilst there, I shall be cooking faggots using Aubrey Allen beef and oxtail from Coventry, pressed terrine using ham hock from Wenlock Edge Farm, Shropshire, and lemon cheesecake made with Berkswell Cheese from Coventry.
Photo: Combine dry red beans with ham hock,spicy sausage, vegetables, and spices; simmer until thick and tender.
A BIG-HEARTED pensioner helped cheer up his neighbours after their gas was cut off - with a pot of ham hock soup.
During her travels Helen discovered chicken and Wiltshire ham, Irish lamb stew lattice pie, chicken and ham hock and beef and horseradish cobbler.
95) and Dale plumped for the rustic ham hock terrine with toast (pounds 4.
I tried one of the 'Signature Dishes', ham hock, served on cheddar mash with baby spinach and parsley sauce, while Collette equally enjoyed her beer battered fish and chips.