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an unskilled actor who overacts

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They took ham actor Ronald Villiers there in t h e 2 0 0 2 H o g m a n a y episode for a scene with original stars Paul Samson and John Murtagh.
The first of nine silent films appeared in Cardiff in 1909, three in the 1930s with the hammiest ham actor of all, Tod Slaughter, as the villain.
Owens, 62, claimed - like Ronald Villiers, the ham actor character from Chewin' the Fat - he was just engaging in "the banter".
Owens - like a real-life version of Ronald Villiers, the ham actor from TV's Chewin The Fat - claimed he was just engaging in "the banter".
In the state that once sent a guy named Ronald Reagan to the governor's mansion despite criticism that he was just a ham actor who co-starred with a chimpanzee, regular voters - even those who aren't Davis fans - furrowed their brows and looked a little embarrassed when asked about the broader implications of the recall.
His demeanour was that of a ham actor playing the role of consultant.
1) Guitar solos, home to more ham actor torment than Albert Square.
You can also bet that Blodwen Chin-Wobbler, mezzo-soprano with the National Opera of Blaenau Ffestiniog, will become a Dame and there will be an MBE for Charlie Chump, ham actor in a sad soap opera.
In other frolics, Kevin Kline plays the ham actor Bottom, Michelle Pfeiffer (who is married to Flockhart's boss, ``Ally'' creator David E.
Chic Donaldson, Falkirk, said: "Dida should be in line for the ham actor of the year award.
Birmingham City manager Trevor Francis, summarising for Sky TV, gave this side no chance against Sweden and that radio ham actor, David Mellor, persisted in clogging the airwaves with negative thoughts which declared practically the whole team international imposters.
tubby Ford Kiernan, best known for his hilarious ham actor Ronald Villiers in hit BBC comedy Chewin' The Fat.
FRUSTRATING, ham actor, pain in the backside, someone who spends far too much of his time wincing and rolling about.
3 million of us watched the annual outing for hit sketch show Chewin' The Fat on BBC1, which featured favourite characters such as ham actor Ronald Villiers, the Glasgow neds and the uptight school teacher.
Sean Connery is a ham actor and a double agent who has supported both Celtic and Rangers.