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  • verb

Synonyms for halve

cut in half


  • cut in half
  • reduce by fifty per cent
  • decrease by fifty per cent
  • lessen by fifty per cent

split in two


  • split in two
  • cut in half
  • bisect
  • divide in two
  • share equally
  • divide equally

Words related to halve

divide by two

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He thinks the price could increase by as much as eight times in the time up to the reward halving, taking it as high as $3,500 by next summer.
They turned the tables to win the handicap section by the same 7-5 score however with Paul Lupton, Sean O'Rourke and Rus Deveraux taking the honours in their games and Ben McKie halving his game with Matt Tyrie.
5 8 16 2 17 8 15 2 16 Three Alwyn Thomas of Nefyn won the order of merit with six wins and a half from eight games for 13 points, three ahead of Bull Bay's Aled Jones and Caernarfon's Eilir Angel, Jones winning four and halving two out of seven, Angel winning five from six.
And the goal became halving "the proportion of people in the developing world," which makes a big difference, because the developing world's population is growing faster than the population of the world as a whole.
The notion of fraction is introduced in the context of halving and repeated halving and then extended at other levels to include: unit fractions, readily-visualised fractions, equivalent fractions, rational numbers, real numbers and the algebraic fractions at the highest level.
Early this year, the United Nations announced a three-year study on global poverty headed by Sachs that's a blue-print for halving extreme poverty, defined as living on US$1 a day or less, by 2015.
Loved his debut and played well, halving with Cink and winning with Woods.
Despite losing the foursomes 3-2, Wales produced a stunning display in the singles, winning eight out of the 10 matches and halving another.
He shook off recent injury worries and formed a golden oldie partnership with Langer in the first three matches, winning two and halving the third.
After losing one match carried over from Friday's suspension and halving the other, the Americans trailed 4-3 and sent their best players out for the morning better-ball matches.