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a nonflammable inhalation anesthetic that produces general anesthesia

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Halothane is another potent precipitant of cardiac dysrhythmias in the presence of high sympathetic outflow.
Subtypes, coding gene, activators and inhibitors of 4TM family of potassium channels 4TM family Subtypes Coding gene TWIK TWIK1, KCNK1 TWIK2, KCNK6 TWIK3 KCNK7 TREK TREK1, TREK2, TRAAK KCNK2 KCNK10 KCNK4 TASK TASK1, KCNK3 TASK3,TASKS KCNK9 KCNK15 TALK TALK1, TASK2, TASK4 KCNK16 KCNK5 KCNK17 THIK THIK1, THIK2 KCNK13 KCNK12 TRESK TRESK1 KCNK18 4TM family Activators Inhibitors TWIK Acid pH -- TREK Halothane, riluzole, heat, arachidonic acid, acid pH -- TASK Halothane, alkaline pH Anandamide TALK Alkaline pH -- THIK -- Halothane TRESK -- Arachidonic acid Source: Refs 6, 7 Table: III.
In the May 7 Journal of Biological Chemistry, for example, they report that halothane binds to 90 proteins, about one in every four isolated from the membranes of rat nerve cells.
Metabolic basis for a drug hypersensitivity: antibodies in sera from patients with halothane hepatitis recognize liver neoantigens that contain the trifluoracetyl group derived from halothane.
Ultane also has been shown to more easily adjust the depth of anesthesia than isoflurane, enflurane and halothane, which account for approximately 80 percent of worldwide anesthesia administrations.
A comparison of sevoflurance to halothane in paediatric surgical patients: results of a multicentre international study.
Breeding for pig meat quality in halothane negative populations.
Rats were fasted overnight after their last treatment, euthanized under halothane anesthesia and submitted for necropsy.
Briefly, experimental animal was anesthetized initially with 2% halothane in 70% [N.
NW 2350 Qty:60, Prolene, Formaline Tab Qty:500, Formaline Liquid Qty:5, Halothane 250 ML Qty:30 etc.
Respiratory mechanics during halothane anesthesia and anesthesia paralysis in humans.
Surgical procedures were done under general anesthesia induced by sodium pentobarbital and maintained by halothane in a closed circuit system (Dziuk et al.
In all cases, on the fourth day animals were killed by an overdose of halothane (AstraZeneca plc), followed by cervical dislocation.
In an early study of sitting neurosurgical patients, halothane anaesthesia increased CBF by 50%, as measured with 113Xenon clearance gas technique (24).
At the indicated times, blood was removed by cardiac puncture under halothane anesthesia before sacrifice by cervical dislocation.