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plant growing naturally in very salty soil

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As they are found in halophytic species that are not closely related taxonomically, convergent evolution of a common adaptive feature has been suggested (Fahn, 1979; Wahit, 2003).
The crab Neohelice granulata is considered herbivorous and detritivorous because it feeds on halophytic grasses (Spartina spp.
A research programme aimed at cultivating halophytic micro-algae has been initiated at the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources and a Namibian-based company is in the process of being established to take advantage of the highly-prevalent saline waters and cultivate naturally-abundant microalgae for glycerol.
37] detected different salt stress responses among several tomato cultivars, from an halophytic behavior,
It is composed of deciduous xeric forests with grasses, cacti and terrestrial bromeliads, and, also, the savannas and the halophytic steppes (Cabrera & Willink 1973; Cabrera 1976; Dinerstein et al.
Halophytic plants such as saltbush (Atriplex halimus and Atriplex nummularia) contain high levels of secondary metabolites, mainly oxalic acid (Alazzeh and Abu-Zanat, 2004).
While plenty of attention has been given to tapping cellulosic bio-mass to produce biofuels, adequate focus should also be given to salt-loving or halophytic non-food crops, especially considering that the planet has abundant supplies of brackish and salt water, while the availability of its freshwater is alarmingly diminishing.
Pan D, Bouchard A, Legendre P, Domon G (1998) Influence of edaphic factors on the spatial structure of inland halophytic communities: a case study in China.
The density of halophytic plants is increasing and the former rail bed is now almost unrecognizable.
Saline habitats and halophytic vegetation of the Chihuahuan Desert region.
Halophytic and xerophytic vegetation near Al-Kharj springs.
Effect of seawater irrigation on biomass production and ion composition of seven halophytic species in Morocco.
A scientist who's investigated salt-tolerant, or halophytic, crops and plants extensively is Catherine M.
Tidal wetland soils are characterized by low permeability and halophytic vegetation (e.
Our goal in this investigation was to examine temporal changes in the genetic diversity of Atriplex prostrata, an annual halophytic species, found in an inland salt marsh in Rittman, Ohio, by comparing current aboveground diversity with the seed bank and a cohort produced from seeds collected from plants in the marsh in 1981.