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plant growing naturally in very salty soil

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As per the contract, the Karachi University will grow halophytic fodder on the brackish underground water in Thar Coal Block II of Tehsil Islamkot, Tharparkar, which will be fully facilitated by SECMC.
Halophytic plants can grow in wide variety of saline environment ranging from coastal marshes to inland deserts (Flowers and Colmer 2008).
High apoplastic solute concentrations in leaves alter water relations of the halophytic shrub, Sarcobatus vermiculatus.
Seedlings of a variety of halophytic marsh species including Suaeda esteroa, estuary seablite, and Salicornia bigelovii, dwarf pickleweed, and a variety of coastal sage scrub species like Atriplex canescens, four-wing salt bush, have been successfully grown in greenhouses and transplanted for restoration purposes (Zedler 2001, Francis 2009).
However, it is clear that there is an intermediate strategy long known (Duvigneaud P & Denaeyer-de Smet, 1968, 1973; Boukhris, & Lossaint, (1972, 1975) which allows for the use of terms such as halophytic gypsophiles, halogypsophiles or halothiophores (Parsons, 1976).
However, the germination of halophytic seeds in saline conditions shows better results than glycophytic seeds because the former can withstand salinity [38, 49].
Cayo Centro and Cayo Norte are covered with different compositions of mangrove and halophytic or coastal dune vegetation (Fig.
Landforms and vegetation are affected by permafrost, tides, spring floods, and fall storm surges, and include halophytic species on mudlfats; coarse grasses on naturally-formed depositional levees along rivers and sloughs; sedge-dominated meadows; and uplands with dwarf shrubs, prostrate ericaceous shrubs, mosses, and lichens (Kincheloe and Stehn 1991; Jorgenson 2000).
The major advantage of the crop is its halophytic nature due to which it can tolerate saline soil environment without any decline in its yield and quality of oil.
Field performance of halophytic species under irrigation with saline drainage water in the San Joaquin Valley of California.
Hence salt-tolerant and halophytic plants could be one solution.
He is just back from the Sundarbans with a host of pictures of the world's largest tidal halophytic mangrove forest, taken with his new Canon 5D Mark III camera.
In the case of mangrove species native to the American continent, there are seven truly halophytic species and several species differing in salt tolerance found associated to mangrove systems in humid areas (Table 1), whose physiological properties are little known (Duke et al.
It is considered herbivorous and detritivorous because it feeds on halophytic grasses (Spartina spp.