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tranquilizer (trade name Haldol) used to treat some psychotic disorders and Tourette's syndrome

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Because of concerns about continuing this regimen, he was switched to haloperidol decanoate (dose not reported) and olanzapine pamoate, 405 mg, administered once per month.
The mechanism by which haloperidol reduces the symptoms could be related to blockade of postsynaptic dopamine receptors in the brain, ultimately reducing stimulation of vomiting at the medullary level (Jones & Abernathy, 2016).
She was maintained on haloperidol 20 mg/day and risperidone 4 mg/day thereafter.
Side effects profile of haloperidol and granisetron like headache, constipation, dizziness, extrapyramidal symptoms were observed and noted.
O G1 foi formado por maritacas com arrancamento de penas psicogenico, que receberam o farmaco psicoativo haloperidol, sendo que o protocolo utilizado foi uma adaptacao do tratamento proposto por IGLAUER & RASIM (1993).
When compared with individuals on antidepressants, haloperidol was associated with a 12.
En la tabla 2 se resumen los resultados sobre el riesgo de recaida de las comparaciones que evaluaban este desenlace; se encontro superioridad de la ziprasidona frente a haloperidol para la prevencion de recaidas.
Haloperidol has significant adverse effects without significant results
Haloperidol as prophylactic treatment for postoperative nausea and vomiting: Systematic literature review
Patients and Methods: A total of 110 patients were assigned to treatment with haloperidol (n=35), risperidone (n=36) and olanzapine (n=39).
Os medicamentos antipsicoticos mais prescritos observados na pesquisa incluiram o haloperidol (via oral), presente no tratamento de um total de 43,75% pacientes, decanoato de haloperidol IM (21,88%), clorpromazina (20,83%), risperidona (17,71%), levomepromazina (14,58%), tioridazina (10,42%), sulpirida (5,21%), periciazina (3,13%) e ziprasidona e quetiapina (1,04%), conforme grafico 5.
Antipsychotic drugs such as haloperidol can provide effective relief in some cases.
It examined a range of drugs and found one in particular - haloperidol - increased the risk a patient would die.
The antipsychotic drug, called haloperidol and also known as serenace, is designed to treat hallucinations in patients with schizophrenia or other mental illnesses.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 7, 2011-Sagent Pharmaceuticals Inc awarded FDA approval for antipsychotic Haloperidol Injection, USP(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.