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a compound in which the hydrogen atoms of a hydrocarbon have been replaced by bromine and other halogen atoms

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We know that whatever comes down the line with regards to email security, Halon will have it covered.
Myself and the team are extremely proud of this seventh consecutive VBSpam award, says Peter Falck, President of Halon Security.
However, the new HHFE will fit in the old Halon HHFE bracket.
Halon Security has been developed and is manufactured by SkalSoft AB in Gothenburg, Sweden, which is primarily focusing on companies with a Mac environment with these products.
Currently, he says, there is no drop-in replacement for halons that has all these characteristics, making halon availability critical to airlines.
The case study offers eight examples to show developing countries how other countries and organizations have approached halon management.
While DND's reports of Halon discharges usually assert that "no injuries are sustained" and that "media interest is assessed as unlikely," it is worth noting the United States military is currently replacing its automatic Halon fire and explosion suppression system with the Great Lakes Chemical Corporation's Fire Master 200 heptafluoropropane gas.
HRD began buying up those tanks and stockpiling them in its warehouse, knowing that the worldwide supply of Halon eventually would dry up but that its aviation customers would continue to need the fire suppressant.
This protocol originally froze Halon production at 1986 levels in 1992, called for a 50 percent reduction by 1995, and required a complete phaseout by 2000.
Larger units (9-pound capacity and over) contain enough halon to earn a rating (though a low one) for class A fires as well.
Halon's Mail Security product integrates Commtouch Anti-Spam and Zero-Hour Virus Outbreak Protection, which ensured that Halon placed sixth overall out of the 20 products tested.
We are driving the industry forward as Halon is the only vendor that has fully implemented DKIM in a commercial product that can verify email via DMARC.
Scientists at NIST have developed a new technology to allow a reliable estimation of the atmospheric lifetimes of halon replacements based on ab initio quantum mechanical calculations.
With the ban on the usage of Halon 1301 as per the stipulations of the Montreal Protocol none of the alternatives that have been developed are as effective as Halon 1301, meaning that more quantity of agent is required.
Swedish leading email and network security solutions expert Halon Security joins the Virtual Computing Environment Company as a technology partner, taking Halon Security even further in the international market.