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any of five related nonmetallic elements (fluorine or chlorine or bromine or iodine or astatine) that are all monovalent and readily form negative ions

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However, he points out that halogen oxidants also form during the sunlight-triggered breakdown of industrial chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants.
Halogen lamps can be expected to last three times as long as standard incandescent lamps, have increased light output, and have improved lumen maintenance over the life of the lamp.
We're relaunching the halogen floor lamp segment with a totally new shape, not just the pan.
Nitrogen has been shown to create a very wet dross, argon somewhat drier, with the driest dross created by halogen containing purge gases.
Still, I figured I'm not the only assembly engineer who has forgotten more than they remember about basic chemistry, so this month's lesson learned is more or less a gearhead's guide to halogens and halides, with a quick flashback to your high school chem class.
All this halogen bulb scare came about because somebody threw their clothes over a lamp instead of hanging them up and they burned,'' she said.
It's the most popular item," said Robert Hersh, chief executive of Catalina Lighting, whose Dana Lighting division is recognized as the leading supplier of the halogen torchieres.
The scientists say their findings "leave little doubt that uncovered halogen lamps may be potentially carcinogenic in humans.
Halogen placed third overall in the International Company category.
Halogen Software (TSX: HGN) announced today that Umniah Mobile Company - a leading mobile, internet, and business solutions provider - is using Halogen talent management solutions to align its workforce and to make informed HR-related decisions to push the business forward.
Halogen bulbs are tiny compared to either conventional incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes.
The halogen-based system usually contains antimony oxide along with the halogen in order to perform properly.
Available in 30", 36", 42" and 48" widths, the ultra-quiet ventilation system features easy-to-clean dishwasher-safe mesh filters and up to four halogen lights that spotlight the cooking area.
17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - Halogen Software(TSX: HGN), a leading provider of talent management solutions, has been named a visionary for the third consecutive year in Gartner's recent Magic Quadrant for Talent Management Suites.
With Halogen we can offer our clients industry-leading software that complements our talent management consulting services," says Magnus Drogell, Chief Operating Officer, Performing Ideas HR.