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one of various compounds of carbon and any of the halogens

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This halocarbon reclamation facility will be state of the art with the latest, most advanced equipment for the reclamation and management of Halons and refrigerants that are either ozone depleters or high in global warming potential.
While there are a number of halocarbon refrigerants available, there is no question that an ammonia central refrigeration system still has the lowest initial installed cost, as well as the lowest operating cost, since it is more efficient than any of the halocarbons and is less expensive to purchase.
5 mg/100 g IP (Ketaset; Fort Dodge, Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA), 2% halothane (2-bromo-2-chloro-1,1,1trifluoroethane, Halocarbon, River Edge, NJ, USA) delivered via a precision vaporizer.
The RC12E runs at a maximum compressor speed of 1,500 rpm for ammonia applications and up to 1,200 rpm for halocarbon applications (R22, R507 etc.
Key to the aerosol can's functioning was the propellant Freon, the trade name for several halocarbon, or chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) organic compounds first marketed by DuPont.
Project Description : The main objectives of the project for the next phase in relation to compliance with the national guidelines of the Montreal Protocol are: Monitoring the elimination of CFC and HCFC freeze levels , reduction of imports and consumption of HCFCs according to National Implementation plan of HCFCs , and the implementation of the following activities : Implementation of the new decree ozone , coordination of programs to produce HC based refrigerants and refrigeration equipment using HC based refrigerants ; update program Best Practices refrigeration technicians; teach about new control measures provided in the Decree and good practices HC; continue the program of recovery and regeneration of halocarbon refrigerants for reuse or destroyed in a Portland cement factory .
They can be placed in halocarbon service when rupture discs are used.
The Autopurger AP series is available for larger systems and for halocarbon refrigerants.
The ozone hole has been shown to result from destruction of stratospheric ozone by gases containing chlorine and bromine, whose sources are mainly human-made halocarbon gases [e.
The EPA supports refrigerant vendors that provide natural refrigerants (inorganic refrigerants) rather than halocarbon refrigerants.
Prior to the experiment, body weight and rectal temperature (RT) were record; the animals were then anesthetized using inhaled 2% isoflurane (Halocarbon Laboratories Div Halocarbon Products Crop, River Edge, NJ) in 0.
The two-day conference includes presentations and speaker panels from leading industry companies including Air Liquide, Albemarle, Celanese, Chevron Phillips, Dixie Chemical, Dow Corning, DSM, Halocarbon, Huntsman, and OSHA, among others.
The improved correlation presented here is shown to be in good agreement with data from 39 sources for 22 fluids that include water, halocarbon refrigerants (chlorofluorocarbons, hydrochlorofluorocarbons, and haloalkane), hydrocarbon refrigerants, and a variety of organics; tube diameters from 2 to 49 mm; flow rates from 4 to 820 kg/[m.