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one of various compounds of carbon and any of the halogens

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The lack of adequate observations of trace-gas composition, including ozone and reactive halocarbons, in the warm pool region leaves a significant gap in our understanding of the chemistry within the TTL and the transport into stratosphere over the TWP.
The other main sources of GHGs are leakage of halocarbon refrigerants, [CH.
More recently, restrictions on fluorocarbon and halocarbon emissions have made some tracer gases obsolete.
Explaining the products he says Novec 1230 fluid is a highly efficient fire extinguishing agent offering a long-term, sustainable technology that has the greatest margin of safety for use in occupied spaces, has a global warming potential of 1, zero ozone depletion potential and the lowest atmospheric lifetime for halocarbon alternatives -- five days.
It is, in fact, well established that man-made climate change has also been fuelled by emissions of methane, nitrous oxide and halocarbon chemicals.
Figure 2 shows the composition of halocarbon emissions.
Iodine and halocarbon response of Laminaria digitata to oxidative stress and links to atmospheric new particle production.
Halocarbon Scenarios, Ozone Depletion Potentials, and Global Warming Potentials, Chapter 8.
It is designed to measure up to 20,000 psi and can be filled with silicone or halocarbon.
Traverso, O, Scandola, F, "Photooxidation of Ferrocene in Halocarbon Solvents.
This finding, along with the resistance of CHCs to oxidation, suggests that the formation of PAHs and chlorinated PAHs (ClPAHs) may be more facile in halocarbon combustion systems than in hydrocarbon systems.
While there are a number of halocarbon refrigerants available, there is no question that an ammonia central refrigeration system still has the lowest initial installed cost, as well as the lowest operating cost, since it is more efficient than any of the halocarbons and is less expensive to purchase.
5 mg/100 g IP (Ketaset; Fort Dodge, Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA), 2% halothane (2-bromo-2-chloro-1,1,1trifluoroethane, Halocarbon, River Edge, NJ, USA) delivered via a precision vaporizer.