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Synonyms for hallucinatory

of, relating to, or in the nature of an illusion; lacking reality

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characterized by or characteristic of hallucination

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Dr Khalil Merza said that curiosity was the first reason for teenagers to try out hallucinatory pills.
1205) example thereof in German literature is Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival who, when encountering three drops of blood in the fresh snow, becomes literally frozen, hypnotically paralyzed, and has to be snapped out of his hallucinatory state by stimulus extinction: a companion throws a piece of garment over the blood drops.
The researchers said that while his well-documented bouts of melancholy have been attributed to bipolar disorder or clinical depression, the hallucinatory episodes to which he was also prone have tended to be overlooked.
It's six minutes of arresting beauty as the hallucinatory, hazy soundscape builds ever-so-slowly into a shimmering rush.
The effect was surreal, chilling and hallucinatory.
The 60s original, starring Patrick Mc-Goohan as Number 6 desperately trying to escape from The Island, was demented brilliance and the fact that it eventually made no sense only added to its hallucinatory greatness.
Mescaline is a naturally occurring psychedelic which can cause dizziness, vomiting, and in some cases the hallucinatory visions can lead to nightmares and cause psychotic reactions.
student at Durham University's psychology department, says these findings help scientists better understand how food and nutrition affect hallucinatory experiences and show that biology, stress, and childhood trauma may not be the only triggers.
The authors from Durham University (England) say "high caffeine users" were three times likelier than "low caffeine users" to have hallucinatory experiences--voices, imaginary friends, and "the presence of dead people.
Their susceptibility to hallucinatory experiences and stress levels were also assessed.
People with a higher caffeine intake, from sources such as coffee, tea and caffeinated energy drinks, are more likely to report hallucinatory experiences according to a new study by researchers from Durham University's Stockton Campus and Science Site.
Gibney shares rare audio and video, and as a nod to Thompson, the filmmaker distorts some footage to create a mildly hallucinatory effect.
CAVE, however, isn't the only arts venue with a taste for hallucinatory Japanese imagery.
Accompanying herself on harp, she delivers sprawling, hallucinatory tales in a voice that's part angry child, part nervous adult, exploring spirituality, desire, and the natural order of things in unsettling verbal torrents.
Because there was no evidence that defendant's perception of the need to defend himself was hallucinatory -- indeed, the subject of hallucination was not even mentioned in defense counsel's argument, and only briefly mentioned by the prosecutor -- it is not reasonably probable that defendant would have obtained a more favorable outcome in the absence of the assumed error .