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Synonyms for hallucinatory

of, relating to, or in the nature of an illusion; lacking reality

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characterized by or characteristic of hallucination

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This substance can cause the hallucinatory visions that can lead to nightmares and cause psychotic reactions.
If the Huntington series combines the hallucinatory with issues of collection and patronage (as Arnold argues), this pair of prints in particular, is, I think, the key to McFarland's method.
Montes' appeal said the trial judge should have permitted the jury to consider ``whether (defendant's) hallucinatory state caused him to harbor an honest belief, albeit unreasonable, in the need to use deadly force in self-defense in order to negate the malice component of murder and reduce the offense to voluntary manslaughter.
A report from the agency charged with overseeing the company suggests that its accounting records had a certain hallucinatory quality as well.
The short essays more from his lecture platform to his family memories, from his conversation with his patients to his conversations with hallucinatory chimera of various types.
The Poe connection is detectable in the work's hallucinatory and melancholic tone, tainted by a more contemporary note of repulsive infantile sexuality.
Alexie's profane and hallucinatory language conveys their struggle.
It should be noted that the illegal, mind-altering drink, absinthe, banned in many nations for its hallucinatory qualifies, is made from a different wormwood plant, Artemisia absinthe, If a little psychedelic head-trip is what you're looking for, be aware that absinthe is illegal in most countries and its use carries strict penalties, especially in Europe.
Furthermore, its attempt at creating the requisite post-teen sex fest/apocalyptic atmosphere of hallucinatory fatalism falls so short that its 75-minute running time seems positively glacial as opposed to the intended meditative.
At night, the womblike cradle of the sea rocked me into some of the most spectacular, pleasantly hallucinatory dreams of my life.
Blaine revisits his sleep-deprived, hallucinatory ordeal in tonight's programme with behind-the-scenes footage of his amazing feat.
This was called imaginative or hallucinatory justice and its possibilities were endless.
These interludes about the intense need to write, reflecting upon the creative act of writing are astutely yet discretely interspersed throughout a text that is otherwise richly layered with intricate events, and strange happenings that border on the absurd if not the hallucinatory.
The Health and Welfare Ministry decided Monday to make illegal the chemical compound "2C-B," which has a strong hallucinatory and stimulatory effect, under the Narcotics Control Law, ministry officials said.
Hallucinatory episodes can be either positive (seeing stimuli that are not present) or negative (not seeing stimuli that are present), though positive hallucinations are much more common.