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perceive what is not there

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and her fellow hallucinators, Coleridge finds inspiration in the unruly materiality--the self-replicating "imprintedness"--of the printed page, which reproduces its hallucinatory effects first in Coleridge's poetry and then in the minds of his readers.
whose memorization of the rather prosaic Edinburgh Review prompted a ghost to appear before her, this hallucinator was merely reading "Tytler's Life of the Admirable Chrichton" (84).
Reduced blood flow in the SMA of hallucinators imagining someone else's voice may block the "mind's ear" and create a "less secure appreciation" of where the voice originated from, McGuire and his coworkers argue.
Lowered activity in this area for hallucinators imagining another voice suggests that their brains respond as if they were speaking aloud, the scientists assert.
Visual hallucinations appear to predict treatment responsiveness: Measures of attention, for example, improved robustly in hallucinators, but not other patients, Dr.
Kinetic in their body language, quebecois characters talk, eat, laugh, make love, get depressed, and then reboot the program, seemingly on a different planet from the lonely insurance adjusters, repressed office workers, and tormented hallucinators of numerous English-Canadian movies.
Hallucinators had reduced activity in these regions.