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experiencing delirium


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The ISIL commanders in Mosul use hallucinating drugs to make the youth addicted to prepare them for conducting suicide attacks after they lose their minds," Iraq's Nineveh MP Nahleh al-Habbabi told FNA on Monday.
I had to take a short break and go for a walk as I felt really sweaty and the owner said I was hallucinating, but I think it was just the endorphins from all the chillis.
Ian Rothwell, 55, started hallucinating halfway through the fiery Widower chicken curry.
First, it seems clear to me that the most the neurologist could care about is how things seemed to the hallucinating subject.
When he was found in the cell after five days, Chong was still conscious, but dazed and hallucinating.
Benny moafi, who tracked down mr Hewitt, said: "He was hallucinating when I saw him.
As I read them, I kept wondering if I was hallucinating, or whether the comments were intended as a parody.
She went in there because last night after the district nurse had been in the afternoon to administer her drugs she was hallucinating very badly because of the medication.
Danny is convinced he is hallucinating when a strange and terrifying creature attacks him.
THIS month's Culture Club Book Group will meet tomorrow to discuss and review December's featured title, Hallucinating Foucault .
I think this one is a bigger size than previous issues, but I might be hallucinating.
The team from the University of Bristol analyzed 35 previous studies and concluded that using marijuana or cannabis raised the risk of hallucinating and being delusional later in life.
Burton testified that on the day of the incidents, he had been smoking crack, had not slept for several days, was hallucinating, and believed that helicopters were following him.
Other pedestrians were taking no notice of him and our husbands in the front seats of the car had been looking at the traffic, so they think we were hallucinating.
Her horror results not only from the frightening specter of men without faces but from her awareness that she is hallucinating.