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perceive what is not there

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For example, perhaps S1 is a careless way of expressing the thought that Tom regularly hallucinates that Gailus is a hobbit, and this can be true since 'Tom hallucinates that p' can be true even when p is not.
These are the kinds of thing that Tom hallucinates or tapestry makers think about, or which can be compared for relative interest, even though they are not part of reality as we customarily think of it.
S4: Every hobbit that S hallucinates either resembles some movie character in a movie that S has seen, or it resembles a hobbit in the calendar poster that S keeps by his bed.
Alone with only images, directing without company, conversation, or compromise, Waters comes closer to the perfect movie, the potential one he vaguely remembers or hallucinates in its fragments.
Think: His personal life in shambles, Nick (Simon Baker) helps himself to a designer drug and hallucinates while dropping the ball on two important court cases.
Still, you can't be too hard on a film that so perfectly captures dampness that when Simon hallucinates seeing a head in the shape of a mushroom, you not only believe the apparition but can almost smell the mildew.
The image, a montage, hallucinates an encounter between Ray and the art he once saw as most provocatively deceptive - most "hallucinogenic" - in how it figures space and configures anyone nearby.
Sometimes she hallucinates, apparently as a result of her body's temporary shutdown.
Kevin hallucinates a sexy co-worker (Connie Nielsen) while making love to his wife.