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perceive what is not there

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Americans with schizophrenia in the study--who often referred to hallucinated voices as unreal and as symptoms of a brain disease--homed in on the strangest, most antagonistic voices in their minds, Luhrmann suspects.
According to Sport24, Dancevic said that he had hallucinated a vision of Snoopy before blacking out, while China's Peng Shuai vomited and cramped up during her loss to Kurumi Nara.
The 'In' intensional operators allow a more external perspective than the 'According to' ones, and also permit more externality than the 'He hallucinated that' operator.
slot): House (Hugh Laurie) was shot and hallucinated that a complex medical procedure could alleviate the pain in his leg but damage his perspicuity in diagnosing arcane diseases.
When Pound belatedly discovered the book in 1941, it came as something of a revelation: Here was the Wessex of Thomas Hardy hallucinated into a dreamscape whose fragmented cadences recalled the prose of Joyce, Wyndham Lewis, or Celine.
Former Shattered contestant Dean Daley told yesterday how he hallucinated after days without sleep and believed he was sharing the house with a giant mouse.
FORMER Shattered contestant Dean Daley told today how he hallucinated after days without sleep and believed he was sharing the house with a giant mouse.
Hallucinated voices--usually whole phrases, sentences, even conversations--are experienced by 60%-70% of individuals with schizophrenia and 10%-20% of bipolar patients, as well as some individuals without psychotic illness.
He now claims that while recovering from his crash injuries, he hallucinated being tortured by Francisco Goya (1746-1828), famous for atrocity images.
Then, with the sharp images and hard - edged, conversational diction of his second volume, Pauliceia desvairada (1922; translated as Hallucinated City, 1968), he all but launched Brazilian modernism and was thereafter one of its most dedicated proponents.