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perceive what is not there

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Hallucinate sired her first litter, which featured the beaten Derby and Grand National favourite Toomaline Jack, along with some A1 types at Romford and Wimbledon.
But what Def Leppard also have in spades though are proper tunes, soaring harmonies and singalong choruses, even as displayed in thumping new tracks like Bad Actress and Hallucinate.
This also was true for patients who do not hallucinate.
Could it be that there's some doubt over Stan's claims that essential medication was making him hallucinate when he was snared into trying to line up the girl?
He was given some Demerol for the post-op pain, and it made him hallucinate.
we all need some time to hallucinate, I said, dropping the phone
She soon begins to hallucinate that she is seeing her dead mother.
Crown Rover's breeding has been covered here before, so it suffices to recall that the Melbourne Cup hero Hallucinate sired this excellent litter, which included Lenson Flash, from the once-raced Saleen Chloe, who at 21 months old started evens favourite for a Limerick sprint and finished last.
The extra cortisol boost could be what helps a person hallucinate.
One time, he says he had LSD slipped into his drink, which caused him to hallucinate so badly, he thought he was dead for two years as he walked the streets talking to himself, sleeping in the woods, basically homeless.
Birmingham University social psychologist Dr Gary Wood said: "Any programme which gets to the stage it causes people to hallucinate would seem to me a worrying sign this has gone past the boundaries of entertainment" causing them psychological harm.
They hallucinate, their eyeballs bleed and then they top themselves.
Schizophrenia includes recurring periods in which individuals hear voices or otherwise hallucinate, experience delusions (such as believing that others control one's thoughts), and display blunted or inappropriate emotions.