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a shout or song of praise to God

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Broken Hallelujahs is the 104th book to be published in BOA Editions' American Poets Continuum Series.
The head of the record company at the time, Walter Yetnikoff, refused to release Various Positions, the album with Hallelujah.
The X Factor winner's Hallelujah has reignited interest in Jeff Buckley's version from his 1994 album Grace, and in the original by songwriting legend Leonard Cohen.
No doubt the hearty hallelujahs are inspired by the actual Last Supper, where the disciples began the tradition of breaking into 12-part harmony every time the "hour candle" burned down.
While ``Kingdom Come'' is nothing to shout about, grace notes such as his are worth some quiet hallelujahs.
THERE'SA a chorus of Hallelujahs in the UK Top 40, after a rush to download two rival versions of Alexandra Burke's Christmas single.
In his latest collection, Broken Hallelujahs, Dougherty demonstrates that he is a master of momentum.