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(Judaism) a loaf of white bread containing eggs and leavened with yeast

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DIOR Miriam Coldwell used plum and aubergine colours on student hairdresser Hallah Al-Jawad.
Other important categories are ones relating to the three women's commandments -- candle-lighting, going to the mikvah (ritual bath), and separating hallah while baking -- others relating to childbearing, and those relating to the health and welfare of the family.
Nana put the candlesticks in the center of the table, and Rachel put the silver hallah plate and the embroidered hallah cover next to them.
Nana gave Rachel a hug and said, "As soon as I mix the hallah dough, I'll give you a job to do.
No one will guess this hallah came from a mix because it tastes just like from scratch.
Hallah All Natural Egg Bread Mix being introduced by Tribes-A-Dozen allows consumers to bake up a loaf of homemade chatlah bread in less than two and a half hours.
MUM-OF-FOUR and trainee Hallah was born in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad and is one of three daughters in her family.
Chief Petty Officer David Nagle, a spokesman for the Saudi-based US-British Joint Task Force South-West Asia, says US and British aircraft fire on an anti-aircraft artillery site at Al Hallah, 425 km south-east of Baghdad in the southern no-flight zone and return safely to their base.
The expression describing the double portion of manna provided on Fridays for the Israelites in the desert, lehem mishneh, accounts for the custom of putting two loaves of hallah on the table for Shabbat and holidays, Not surprisingly, bread is a central theme of Jewish folk wisdom.
Such a discussion is mirrored in other familiar texts that name the explanatory cause for the frequent inexplicable tragedy, death in childbirth as rooted in a women's omission of the mitzvah of hallah (Mishnah: Shabbat 2:6.
They brush their hair by the traditional brush, thakuca, wash their face with home-made face-washing powder, kom, apply mustard oil cake, khau, and a pot of river water to purify themselves, rub their head by a kind of fruit, ambah, (emblica officinalis) and a hallah (myrobolan) and then plunge into the river.