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People often don't like others to know how much money they have but I believe that stinginess truly is the halitosis of the soul
It is claimed that oil pulling helps in preventing dental caries, bad breath or halitosis, bleeding from the gums, irritation of throat and chapped lips.
According to our parliamentary prophet (he's a part-time astrologer himself), the cure for my stringwarts and halitosis was decided 14 billion years go last Wednesday when there was one helluva bang - the Big Bang to be precise - kick-starting the universe and spawning the stars which rule our destinies.
Maybe I'll start eating garlic for supper and stop brushing my teeth at night and try to develop halitosis.
The dentist says there can be a number of causes for halitosis (the medical name for bad breath) from poor oral hygiene to not drinking enough water.
The key to curing bad breath, or halitosis, is to find out and treat what's causing it," explains Dr.
He has a goldfish called Henry and a cat called Hal, short for Halitosis.
It can also be used as a mouth rinse for periodontal or halitosis patients.
Another was to develop a chemical that would give enemy troops "severe and lasting halitosis," which would persist and identify them even if they took off their uniforms.
In the society, there is constant pressure to look and smell good; halitosis is undesirable.
Bad breath: Poor dental hygiene is the most common cause of halitosis.
The 19 chapters are sorted by presentation, including pain in the ear, discharge from the ear, hearing impairment in adults and children, acoustic neuromas, facial palsy, paranasal sinus diseases, breathing disorders, swallowing problems, voice disorders, traumas, halitosis, neck swellings and head and neck cancers.
To the Editor: Tongue scraping is advocated as a therapy for managing halitosis and as a technique for preventing dental caries by reducing bacterial counts in the mouth (1).
Plus, if halitosis is catching, you're less likely to catch that as well.
A BELIEVE it or not garlic is the best cure for halitosis.