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a salt of any halogen acid

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Made in Germany and designed for usage in open luminaires, the DE Metal Halide lamp offers spectral distribution optimized for photosynthesis efficiency with 1.
These benefits include the extended lifespan of LED light bulbs, at 30,000 hours - or a working life of three years - compared with metal halide bulbs, which might typically require replacement after 6,000 hours.
For instance, the LED's lifespan is 30,000 hours, compared to 6,000 hours provided by a metal halide bulb.
Six metal halide lamps affixed to high poles (about 3 meters [about 10 feet] from the ground) were used for illumination.
I am an artist myself, and Halide Edip Adyvar was a very important writer.
The marriage of ECL and bipolar electrochemisty has great potential for detecting analytes, such as oxygen, halide ions, DNA, and so on.
The other major change is the elimination of the qualitative halide test; this can significantly affect the halide content portion of the designation for a large number of fluxes.
Aside from the light depreciation that is normal for metal halide bulbs, the polycarbonate spark shields over each fixture had also begun to fade, discolor and collect insects.
Tronox LLC has been granted a patent for a process for manufacturing titanium dioxide comprised of continuously reacting a titanium halide and an oxygen-containing gas in the vapor phase to produce titanium dioxide particles and gaseous reaction products.
Postlethwaite and Freese [12] studied the effect of halide ions on the anodic behaviour of pure nickel in [H.
Incorporating a 1500 watt metal halide lamp and stand mounted ballast, this spotlight produces a beam capable of reaching over 2400 feet in length.
Meanwhile, National Westminster Bank had called in the receivers at Third Dimension Ltd (TDL), a leading producer of silver halide reflection giftware holograms, and an important supplier to both Holos and A.
BASED ICON INTERNATIONAL says the company's Satellite 2120 LED lighting fixture from won't cost any more than a ceramic metal halide fixture.
High-Intensity Discharge lamps include High Pressure-Sodium, Mercury Vapor, and Metal Halide lamps.
Low Wattage Ventronic is the latest addition to the popular Ventronic range from leading metal halide lamp and control gear manufacturer, VENTURE LIGHTING EUROPE.