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As part of attempting to gain housemate status, Freddie had officially changed his name by deed poll to Halfwit.
But I am not a complete halfwit, or so I like to imagine.
Talk at length about your own funeral and you're either going to sound like a morbid misery or an egotistical halfwit, who never wants the party to end.
I may give the impression in these pages of being something of a halfwit but let me tell you my calendar goes straight from March 31 to April 2 - nobody fools me - and I can say with conviction that India are a sound bet at 11-2 with Hills to top the medal table.
I'M embarrassed to admit that I quite like half-baked housemate Halfwit (left).
Too busy working out how to say: "Hands up if you think John Mayer is a Pretentious, Indulgent Smarmy Halfwit who shouldn't be allowed to open his mouth unless he's singing a song" - in 140 characters or less.
Toff Freddie Fisher, 23, will now be known as Halfwit while glamour girl Sophie Reade, 20, becomes Dogface.
The drastic move came after Siavash, Marcus and Halfwit repeatedly refused to obey Big Brother, despite being sent to jail and having all the food removed from the kitchen.
Summary: It's Marcus versus Halfwit for this Friday's Big Brothe eviction and nominations are allowed to be freely discussed.
The two others up for eviction were Halfwit, 24, and Marcus, 35.
Halfwit tried to learn to play the bagpipes and Rodrigo has been convinced he's about to meet The Queen.
HALFWIT avoided the boot from the Big Brother house last night - for the fourth week in a row.
But no-one has a higher opinion of Styles than me, and I think he's a halfwit.
Angel was up against hapless toff Halfwit for eviction and walked out to a chorus of boos after losing the public vote.
Sadly, one halfwit in Perth, Australia, has clearly not heard that ovens are for food only.