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Synonyms for halftone

a print obtained from photoengraving

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an engraving used to reproduce an illustration

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Dotscreen (TM) and Halftone (TM) celebrate Formica Group's history of exuberant color and printing technology.
As Sharma (Sharma, 2003) stated that halftone originally established as a photographic method.
The Yule-Nielsen equation describes quite well the tone and color reproduction in many halftone systems (Ruckdeschel & Hauser, 1978).
The improved block resistance and better halftone gain stability makes this an ideal ink for corrugated polypropylene applications such as political, real estate and bus signage.
The key to making a Glossmark is "controlling the halftone structure--how the tiny ink dots are distributed on the page," says Liu.
It's easy to guess what drew Polke to these images: In addition to their violent oddness, the shot and holes in all three paintings, with their positive and negative forms, mimic and contradict the black halftone dots of the artist's newspaper sources.
Kase also offers the new CNC 8000 eight-color pail printer, a dry-offset machine said to reproduce line, halftone, or process printing with the utmost clarity and sharpness.
The solution allows businesses to generate highly accurate flexible packaging contract halftone proofs on virtually any substrate at a fraction of the cost of current laser systems.
With the device "Personal IAS", only black prints in light halftone fields (range from 10 to 30% halftone value) were analyzed.
Printer Resolution: 2880 x 1440; 1440 x 720; 720 x 720; 720 x 260 and 360 x 360 dpi Ink Configuration: Photo Black/Matte Black (switchable), Light Black, Light Light Black, Cyan, Light Cyan, Vivid Magenta, Vivid Light Magenta, and Yellow Print Methods: On-board contone, Epson(R) halftone, ONYX halftone and custom screening Print Modes: Fast contone and versatile halftone Printer Calibration: Epson printer calibration ID technology Media Profiles: Epson-qualified color profiles for more than 20 Epson media Availability
A range of proofing technologies will be available for proof production in the breakouts, including digital halftone, expanded colorant inkjet, continuous and halftone inkjet, soft proofing, multiple color management systems, and more.
The ink's printing characteristics make it a perfect substitute for process black inks in halftone and other applications in which a strong black is required.
Writing of his partiality to halftone color reproductions of food and flowers from the 1890s to the 1950s, he opined in a text celebrating a new, denim-upholstered sofa that "beauty that issues from such banal and especially accessible sources seems a perfect metaphor for the American experience to an upwardly mobile son of immigrant parents, .
Willoughby, Ohio - Kase 908 sidewall printer for dairy cups and containers is a nine-color unit that can reproduce line, halftone, or process printing.
New custom wheels that reflect a special halftone paint scheme containing ground-up glass in the rim, giving it a sparkling "sandblast" look that reflects better in the sun.