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an English coin worth half a penny


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One gives you a halfpenny, and you are as grateful as though one had saved your life.
A bystander was hit by a hot halfpenny flying out of the air.
It cost a halfpenny or a penny a month, and always, as I fondly remember, had a continued tale about the dearest girl, who sold water-cress, which is a dainty not grown and I suppose never seen in my native town.
I wish to clear my account with you to the last halfpenny, and I will take my shares away with me.
Jacks, if you'll just invest a halfpenny in that newspaper, you don't need to ask me any questions.
What if things should go wrong to-night, if the whole dramatic story should be handed over for the glory and wonder of the halfpenny press
He has a sense of justice, for he heard of this mine from a man in prison, and he has kept accounts showing the fellow's share down to the last halfpenny.
I could not expect for years to make a halfpenny, as a physician.
And if you employ me after that, I guarantee (before you pay me a halfpenny more) to prove that I am right by laying my hand on the thief.
The whole paper was not so large as a page of one of our present halfpenny papers.
She is sorry to find he is discontented, which is sinful and horrid, and hopes Mr Squeers will flog him into a happier state of mind; with which view, she has also stopped his halfpenny a week pocket-money, and given a double-bladed knife with a corkscrew in it to the Missionaries, which she had bought on purpose for him.
I want, please," he said with precision, "one halfpenny bun and a small cup of black coffee.
Dear ma'am, consider, that to be denied Christian burial, and to have your corpse buried in the highway, and a stake drove through you, as farmer Halfpenny was served at Ox Cross; and, to be sure, his ghost hath walked there ever since, for several people have seen him.
Oh, mine was old earthenware stuff--not worth a halfpenny.
We are aristocrats, and not those who can only exist by favor of the powerful of this world, and who can be bought for twopence halfpenny.