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Synonyms for halfhearted

lacking warmth, interest, enthusiasm, or involvement

Synonyms for halfhearted

feeling or showing little interest or enthusiasm

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The rich class, who does not pay taxes and leads a luxury life-style, is indirectly taxed halfheartedly, which means that burden would continue to be shared by the ordinary people.
Packing up his possessions, he feels dejected when CID halfheartedly wave him off.
He feels dejected when CID halfheartedly wave him off, but at least he and DI Sam Nixon (Lisa Maxwell) have a heart to heart.
Joint purchasing, fast-track permitting, regionalism and the rest all have been explored by communities across the state - but all too often have been implemented halfheartedly or rejected outright.
The narrators landlord, a mid-level government attorney, places retro personal ads in gay newspapers, halfheartedly seeking love, but he is, like the narrator, "now a sort of homosexual emeritus.
There, after a few boring days loping up and down the tame tourist strip of T-shirt shops and specialty fudge kiosks bumming cigarettes from the snotty tourist kids and halfheartedly looking for trouble, Steve made up his mind to spend the rest of his summer on the board.
Up until his dismissal we were a one-trick pony, humping long,hopeful balls for him to lollop halfheartedly after, while after his sending-off and the subsequent substitution of the disappointing McFadden we became a different side.
With a capacity for 65 rabbits and 35 guinea pigs, Tracy and her husband Shaun haven't gone into the venture halfheartedly.
into it halfheartedly and, like all self-fulfilling prophecies, got exactly what they expected.
Where it had halfheartedly been pulled out it had been left on the bank to rot, the smell was indescribable.
Halfheartedly attendees attempted to focus on the business at hand as new reports continued to drift in.
He initially and halfheartedly tried for campaign finance reform but, once stymied, decided to blow a hole in the system and cut every conceivable legal corner.
They bow and scrape and halfheartedly apologize for their audience-pleasing products, usually by vague reference to unnamed works that go too far.
Tudor's hilarious mini-ballet posits three easy women (Satra Stewart, Amy Hayes, and Stephani Achuff) who vie rather halfheartedly for the attention of one nightclub patron (Richard Dickinson).
Some developing countries have yet to initiate substantive privatisation programmes whereas other countries have introduced them only halfheartedly.