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Synonyms for halfhearted

lacking warmth, interest, enthusiasm, or involvement

Synonyms for halfhearted

feeling or showing little interest or enthusiasm

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A wrong number turns into the right opportunity for a trio of creative teenagers in ``Destiny, in Halfhearted Search Of .
Years of Government in-action, of halfhearted initiatives, have failed to protect them from the consequences of smoking.
o recounts Microsoft's halfhearted attempt to strike a deal.
Richard Tanner's Variations on a Nursery Song (to Ernst von Dohnanyi's music of the same name) featured the sublime Weese and semi-featured the noble Peter Boal; but its uncertain tone, toying with rather than glorying in the composition's witticisms about children's games and musical bombast, created a halfhearted mood.
I won't ruin it for you, but at the end of Ma Vie en Rose, the young dykus ex machina swaps her tiara and organza party dress for the outfit of her halfhearted swishbuckling friend, Ludo, and, more important, stands up for him when he gets in trouble for indulging his old cross-dressing ways.
Yet last June it received a halfhearted if still remarkable mandate from its 160 or so signatories to continue in force, with occasional reviews, forever.
The institute has asserted that financially overhauling the federal bureaucracy will benefit all taxpayers, both corporate and individual -- an aim that cannot be accomplished with halfhearted measures.
Indeed, frequently he is too reverent, showcasing a given economist's ideas while making only a halfhearted effort at skeptical, journalistic scrutiny.
Their halfhearted opposition to a president who has revealed himself as another, albeit smoother, tax-and-spend liberal is shameful.