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(football) the running back who plays the offensive halfback position

(American football) the position of a back on a football team

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I've spoken to the halfbacks, all of them, and told them I am happy with them all.
That robbed Potter of both his starting halfbacks, forcing Flannery and Moore into a makeshift partnership.
If the OT could block the defender to the right, the halfback would run left.
Together they make a very experienced halfback pair and we have to stop them dictating.
Junior Casey Jennings is a halfback, while senior Megan Peeler, who is out for the team for the first time, is penciled in as the center halfback.
HALFBACKS Leon Pr yce and Rob Burrow ran the show again as brilliant Britain powered to their first series win for 14 years.
Alignment: Line splits are two feet; split ends go to the top of the numbers; halfbacks split the distance between the tackle and split end; fullback sets behind the right tackle five yards behind the LOS; punter is ten yards deep.
We have four girls who can shoot the lights out," said Laraneta, alluding to midfielders Samantha Conroy and Aimee Thompson and halfbacks Tara Lyerly and Alicia Bueschen.
Hazell has been sidelined since October with a shoulder problem but takes his place in a Gloucester side which also includes call-ups for halfbacks Rory Lawson and Ryan Lamb, together with full-back Iain Balshaw.
Stacey's one of the best halfbacks in the world, and an important part of the game will be who gets on top between him and me.
The two halfbacks line up just behind the guards, cocked in at 45-degree angles.
Everything was meticulously worked out--the quick hand-offs to the halfbacks and fullback, the faking, the pitch to the fullback, the counter to the weakside, and a drop-back passing game.
ENGLAND overwhelmed Italy 67-7 in their opening World Cup group B match at Twickenham with halfbacks Matt Dawson and Jonny Wilkinson playing major roles.
Though many Wing-T teams crack and arc with their split ends and halfbacks on this play, we prefer to block it exactly as we block the Blast - making it very hard for the LB to play the Option.
5, where we had our two halfbacks line up on the same side.