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(football) the running back who plays the offensive halfback position

(American football) the position of a back on a football team

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And although the 30-year-old is playing down his Four Nations prospects, with Rangi Chase and Danny Brough still doing the business, he could force his way into the halfback reckoning this autumn.
As seniors, we always try to make the younger girls feel welcome,'' halfback Berube said.
A halfback pass or a diamond and one press in a 40-point game would certainly be looked upon as running up the score by the losing team.
My name and my history as a halfback for the Chicago Bears may get me in three or four more doors," says the CEO, whose company has more than 5,000 clients, including All-State Insurance, International Paper, and KPMG.
The 28-year-old halfback has been forced into action as Rangers' current injury crisis continues.
She (Sargent) has done a great job at sweeper and halfback and can play both positions well.
Former Warrington Wolves and Bradford Bulls half-back Scott doubles Thunder's halfback stocks, and Hood expects him to take some pressure off sole playmaker Liam Duffy.
Appropriately named - the eight-year-old's owner Pat Reynolds was left halfback on Meath's 1967 All Irelandwinning football team - Halfback has had plenty of problems, according to Hand, who said: " He cracked his pelvis and broke down in 2006, so it's great he has come back and won here on our home track.
Leuzinger is a run-oriented team led by halfback Mark Rodgers (2,394 all-purpose yards, 17 touchdowns.
The halfback should be helping by making a "curl" call to alert Sam that #1 is curling inside.
BRYAN REDPATH has tipped halfback partner Chris Paterson to become one of Scotland's greatest standoffs.
He played every game of the 1951 and 1952 NFL seasons as a halfback and defensive back for the New York Giants.
HUDDERSFIELD will step up their search for new blood after halfback Luke Robinson was forced to retire due to a hip injury.
He's the best kicking halfback in the competition by a mile.
But they have lost a host of key figures from that side, including Man of Steel Daryl Clark, prop Craig Huby and halfback Marc Sneyd.