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Synonyms for half-witted

having only a limited ability to learn and understand

Synonyms for half-witted

retarded in intellectual development

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Sneaking "peek-a-boo" glances at an admired individual can backfire by being overdone, and even make you look half-witted or mad.
from half-assed half-witted Rejects of the better groomed classes Who
Ah, the client who freaked me half-witted her split lips spitting hexes.
But apart from this, the only effect of this nonsensicaledict is that Birmingham, already burdened with national mockery for its accent, will now stand alone as the half-witted city that wrecks the language in writing as well as verbally.
Eliza is desperate to get away, but her lack of money and growing affection and sense of responsibility for Mary, a hare-lipped, half-witted household servant who is being similarly exploited, scramble her priorities.
What about the menagerie of vapid talentless talk-show hosts, half-witted self-obsessed soap-opera stars, yobbish celebrity chefs, pathetic so-called comedians, fraudulent astrologers, and assorted superannuated bores who should have been pensioned off years ago, who clog up the TV channels every day and night of the year ?
The same thing happened when I parked in an unsavory neighborhood and hoped that some half-witted thug would step from behind a building and help out.
Accompanied by his slightly half-witted buddy, Juri (Jacek Braciak), Edi trudges around the city, pushing a cart filled with odds and ends, and just about surviving.
As a lonely, angry 13-year-old, writes Jones, "the character who caught me, and freed me, was the [Incredible] Hulk: overgendered and undersocialized, half-naked and half-witted, raging against a frightened world that misunderstood and persecuted him.
Iliuzionas" in the book's title means a house or theater of illusions that is also a sort of family chronicle with most of its members either half-witted or eccentric, or both, who at the same time may achieve spectacular success as professionals or businessmen.
Some were gratified and some were disappointed, but all understood and accepted, with the exception of a few half-witted individuals who subscribe to the king-maker theory of journalism.
become "interactive"--that is, befouled with the half-witted manipulations and musings of an idiotic audience utterly devoid of imagination.
But the half-witted hiker was quickly spotted by Highways England officers and Central Motorway Police, who took him to a place of safety to resume his journey.