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Synonyms for half-witted

having only a limited ability to learn and understand

Synonyms for half-witted

retarded in intellectual development

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John Owen THE Brynmawr Rubber Factory was of course a work of genius, and probably the only internationally important building in the whole of Blaenau Gwent, but that didn't save it when the half-witted knuckledraggers on the council wanted to throw up another Tesco shed.
Is this half-witted jobless idiot really a thing now?
And rape survivors have survived far worse than Will's half-witted words.
Before concluding the celebration of their devastating victory over Communism, the US and European countries woke up to a new nightmare, the wild tiger that they had nurtured and breastfed was now poised to pounce on its half-witted masters; their own Osama bin Laden, dazed by his victory against a superpower (the Soviet Union) in the Afghan war, and armed with a huge stockpile of weapons received from Washington and different European sources, had outgrown its cage and was no longer fearful of its former master's whip.
Might it not have more to do with the half-witted decision to abolish traditional opening hours, and the oversight of licensing by magistrates, in the vain hope of creating a sophisticated "continental cafe culture" rather than having the young lying around the streets in pools of their own vomit?
The enduring images of Frankel, So You Think, Colour Vision and, of course, Black Caviar, whose half-witted jockey almost cost her a place in racing immortality, linger, but what will this week's action throw up.
To be a serious Christian in modern Western culture is to be the favoured easy target of every progressive thinker and every half-witted comedian.
They write as if they were addressing their aunt Agatha, their eccentric and terrifying relation who got a 1st at Oxford at age 16 and who now lives in a crumbling stately home owned by her half-witted brother.
Burger and Lamm were neither the first nor the last to make half-baked or half-witted comments about Las Vegas.
Blogger j_mihalych warned: "I am 95 percent sure that half-witted followers of Breivik will soon appear in Russia, and not only in Russia.
In everyday life, Balotelli's bib-bungling blunder would be best described as staggeringly stupid, exceptionally embarrassing or hilariously half-witted (not everyone formulaically tries to alliterate every description they ever use, but you get the picture).
Sneaking "peek-a-boo" glances at an admired individual can backfire by being overdone, and even make you look half-witted or mad.
Once a brilliant but eccentric scientist, he now comes over as a half-witted clown,'' said one viewer of Troughton's new role.
from half-assed half-witted Rejects of the better groomed classes Who
But apart from this, the only effect of this nonsensicaledict is that Birmingham, already burdened with national mockery for its accent, will now stand alone as the half-witted city that wrecks the language in writing as well as verbally.