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Synonyms for half-wit

a person of subnormal intelligence

a stupid incompetent person

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When a foul-mouthed Texan half-wit like Tom Hicks JR can apologise to supporters for causing embarrassment, would it be too much to ask for the man responsible for the shambles that engulfs the Reds to muster a sorry.
Changing contestants name to half-wit seems quite appropriate.
How stupid is the system and its operators and yet we still pay these half-wit Cabinet ministers who would not hold down a post for six months in the real world.
Louise feels guilty about half-wit Terry and finishes with Brother King Grimm Matthew.
Can't any of these half-wit experts complete that thought?
Only a half-wit could believe that the way to achieve that is to encourage inadequate teenagers to get themselves pregnant and then hand over the resulting infant to a middle-class couple who think they want one.
For art, culture and sport I don't just mean fat opera singers pleasing the elitist shire gentry or bloated Premiership footballers and their half-wit wags.
7 Jody Latham is the half-wit accomplice in The Fixer.
Quite why everyone is sickened is a Walford mystery - but that's just like the Ferreiras, Sophistikate's Nail Bar and that half-wit Minty.
In defense of the automatic picture taker, it came to mind that with an automatic camera you wouldn't have to worry about the picture shooter yawning, walking just 20 feet that a way for a cup of Starbucks coffee, looking at the hot guys driving those hot cars (that is, if the photographer is a female) or having to be a witness for some half-wit that decided to run the red light or make an illegal left turn.
1) Get rid of the half-wit who authorised the use of different coloured bags and send him/her back to art college.
WHY on earth is that half-wit Pete Doherty still able to walk about free?
What kind of half-wit can consider calling off a cricket tour because a few scribblers are banned from covering it, but couldn't give a monkey's when asked to walk away because of torture, murder, intimidation, kidnapping and starvation.
Imagine my surprise, dear readers, when despite the setting, the fact that it stars a half-wit wrestler and has a ropey sub-plot about ecological issues, this flick turned out to be really rather good.
After that kind of battering, it comes as a relief to encounter characters like the half-wit Benoit (a standout Michael Arnold) who sings a goofy love song to his scarecrow, Louison.