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Synonyms for half-wit

a person of subnormal intelligence

a stupid incompetent person

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He said he was now able to strike off his bucket list "a night at the Academy Awards", just months after striking off "wreck United by advocating a half-wit as manager".
Almost every other word was the F-word and he acted like a half-wit, shouting for his wife Sharon to get the dog poo up, which seemed to be distributed all over the house.
Even a half-wit with the desire to derail the HS2 at 250mph could design a simple way without resorting to bombs or explosives.
Changing contestants name to half-wit seems quite appropriate.
They said Lucy looked like a half-wit, lying in bed, waggling her finger at the ceiling; but the moment they were out of the room she began again, although it was hard to explain to anyone the fascination of that blank, white ceiling like an enormous drawing-book with no need of an india-rubber.
No half-wit wins a championship in Ireland or rides for John Oxx.
Like coal, oil and water, fame is a finite resource and at the moment we are being very wasteful, liberally spooning it on any half-wit who doesn't mind getting drunk and naked in front of a few million viewers.
Widow Simone and the half-wit Alain are jewel roles for male character dancers, there are funky chickens, clog dancing and tricky patterns to create with ribbons to satisfy the corps de ballet.
In The Waterboy, Bobby Boucher is the half-wit, half-time man who dishes out refreshments to the the meat-heads of the football team.
For art, culture and sport I don't just mean fat opera singers pleasing the elitist shire gentry or bloated Premiership footballers and their half-wit wags.
When a foul-mouthed Texan half-wit like Tom Hicks JR can apologise to supporters for causing embarrassment, would it be too much to ask for the man responsible for the shambles that engulfs the Reds to muster a sorry.
But, at the risk of sounding like a romantic half-wit, I would quite like the grand gesture every now and then.
How stupid is the system and its operators and yet we still pay these half-wit Cabinet ministers who would not hold down a post for six months in the real world.
Louise feels guilty about half-wit Terry and finishes with Brother King Grimm Matthew.
Laying the blundering half-wit aside, we can't blame everything that makes the royal family useless purely on Princess PR-disaster-of-the-year Michael.