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a partially true statement intended to deceive or mislead

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My primary interest in this subject stems from the important role that the half-truth doctrine--and the law of omissions and nondisclosures generally-plays under the federal securities laws.
What is with the media freedom, which in Macedonia, with series of half-truths, is wished to be differently represented?
The problem is, Dole had it wrong and his half-truth draws attention away from the real issue.
You are confusing yourself and others with this half-truth.
The second, "Homage to the Half-Truth," the text of a lecture given at the Van Abbemuseum in 1991, is Morgan's update of Wilde's famous essay "The Critic as Artist": "That criticism refers to another art does not prevent its existing as an artform in its own right.
By all means increase the judicial tariff of sentencing for convicted offenders, BUT, let's cut the incessant over-egging the half-truth about this matter, wingeing about a symptom for which we are all responsible for its cause.
We try to avoid this responsibility by casting ourselves as the innocent heroes of our own stories, the avengers of other people's injustices, but that is never more than a half-truth.
There's no denying the half-truth of that point of view, but there's also the creative California, the trend-setting California, the California of golden dreams.
The subtly circulated half-truth gave birth to the oft-repeated sledgehammer lie of the socialist Nazi Party.
A half-truth is that there are not many D and X (dilation and extraction) abortions performed in this country.
However, just like with all demagogies and lies, the most dangerous thing is the half-truth.
According to new research by psychologists at Carnegie Mellon University, Mark Twain was right: A half-truth feels worse than a total lie.
McLoughlin, who has supported household names Sean Lock and Micky Flanagan on their UK tours, will be performing a preview of his debut solo Edinburgh show 'The truth, the half-truth and nothing like the truth'.
Never be content with a half-truth when the whole can be won?
She said: "We must deal with Dr Kelly and the abuse of power that helped drive him to his death and also deal with the questions of how we went to war in Iraq and how much half-truth and deceit there was.