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a partially true statement intended to deceive or mislead

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Another form of fake news, according to Davila, is pushing an agenda using half-truths.
This was half-truth, because he did not explain why engineering consultants based in Greece would want to donate 25 grand to a communist party in Kyproulla?
Here is a list of the 10 most pernicious lies, half-truths, and misconceptions we tell ourselves - and which stop us from getting to the bottom of mostly everything wrong in our politics, economics, and social affairs:
The negative impact from half-truth confessions affects not only individual relationships, but communities as well.
8) Yet the half-truth doctrine is sufficiently open-textured that it can apply and override this seemingly strong privilege almost anytime a person opens his mouth.
Yung half-truth is a lie e so imbestigahan natin to (A half-truth is a lie so investigate this) because according to the cement manufacturers association of the Philippines, Bonjourno is the number one smuggler of cement to the country.
When one side comes out with a half-truth, the other responds with a denial backed up with a lie - which they will, of course, assure you is absolutely true, a fact.
According to Popovski, the half-truth became dominant manner of the political and media scene in Macedonia.
But each time he develops a new subterfuge, half-truth, fact or excuse.
They may claim that some form of "global governance" is needed to prevent war or to save the environment -- but such an admission is at best a half-truth, tantamount to a lie.
An outworn half-truth always used on wet-behind-the-ears curates and such like.
This is a shortcut to meaning, even less than a half-truth of what is actually at hand.
After the 1925 Paris Exposition the Architectural Review promoted the concept of 'Swedish Grace' to typify a mode best exemplified in the detailing of Stockholm Town Hall: after World War II it promoted the concept of 'The New Empiricism' which embodied a bloodless but pretty pragmatism that was one of the main provocations of 'The New Brutalism' -- a half-truth that in the absence of any exchange in debate slumbered there.
It was a perfect political half-truth, a simple diagnosis of a real problem with a magic bullet answer: a president willing to stare down the unions.
I expect him to be telling the whole truth, not just half-truth because half-truth is a lie,' the BOC chief added.