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having caterpillar treads on the rear and wheels in front


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The Algerian Ministry of Defense and Tawazun signed a contract in July 2012 to set up a half-track military vehicle plant in east Algeria.
During this advance, an M3 half-track towing a 57mm anti-tank gun was trying to reach the summit of Hill 500.
This half-track, half-off-road event saw Dennis returning to his roots as he was a champion moto-crosser in his youth.
In early 1923, a Citroen B2 half-track car became the first automobile to cross the Sahara, from Algiers to Timbuktu, a distance of 3,200km.
Although basically a half-track vehicle to facilitate use over all terrain, the tracks can be replaced by large wheels when it is required to clear hard surfaces such as runways or roads.
She didn't win the competition but Mr Burnham, a forklift driver for TNT, made his sweetheart's dream come true by arranging for her to be taken to Coombe Abbey in a 1943 half-track troop carrier.
Mastering engineers, Paul Stubblebine and Michael Romanowski have started a label to reissue music they love on 15 IPS half-track reel-to-reel.
Buyers will be able to purchase some truly unusual investment quality classic cars, military vehicles, and even a German WWII half-track motorcycle.
Seeing that half-track down the road was the most joyous sight I've seen," Cooley says.
He drove a half-track that contained radio equipment during the invasion of Normandy and also participated in the Northern France, Ardenes, Rhineland and Central Europe campaigns.
Sometimes a half-track would be positioned overnight in the trees, or small Israeli infantry units set ambushes.
I became a chief scrounger, swapping bottles of Korean lager with the GIs for a few spare parts for a half-track.