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having exposed wood framing with spaces filled with masonry, as in Tudor architecture


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This way a lilac-colored building won't suddenly pop up in the middle of a row of half-timbered houses in Sauerland," says DE-sterdiek.
A century later, in 1924, Ivor Stewart-Liberty could defend the design of the new half-timbered Liberty's 'Tudor Shop' off Regent Street, made from old wooden ships (and bearing the coats of arms of Shakespeare and contemporary poets), by arguing that 'The Tudor period is the most genuinely English period of domestic architecture.
Departs 18 April & 5 September 2015 With a fairy-tale scenic setting and rolling wooded landscape dotted with ancient villages of half-timbered houses, the Black Forest provides the perfect back-drop for a wonderful leisurely holiday by coach.
The half-timbered building dates back to the British era, about a hundred years ago.
Every year more than five million shoppers come through the doors of the iconic half-timbered building made from old battleships, which first opened its doors to the public in 1875.
The brewery is housed in an original medieval half-timbered building on the town's cobblestoned main strasse.
In Wertheim Village, located between Frankfurt and Wuerzburg, with its half-timbered houses, are brands like Aigner Outlet, Bally, Brax, Desigual, Daniel Hechter, Christ Jewellery, Guess, Gant, Longchamp, Triumph, Tumi, and Zwilling.
Built in the late 1890s, it was an Edwardian, half-timbered house with uniquely twisted chimneys but was demolished in 1972, when the passion for period houses gave way to progress.
From our cruise ship we see countless magical castles perched on the hillsides, romantic Rhineland towns and villages with their half-timbered buildings as well as pretty river tributaries rushing to meet the mighty Rhine.
The story is set in medieval times--when dragons were no doubt more common--and the illustrations of the town with its surrounding battlemented wall, massive entry gates, aqueducts, finely tiled squares, half-timbered buildings and thatched cottages, are a delight.
Fans of The Name of The Rose, a film starring Sean Connery and a young Christian Slater, might also recognise the long Gothic Dormitory, half-timbered cloister and large, Romanesque Basilica, where scenes were filmed.
No sooner had he inherited his father's Manorial title and built Hampton Manor, in 1855, than he ordered the demolition of many of the village's half-timbered and thatched cottages.
An 8 metre inflated black sphere punctured by a half-timbered structure landed at the RIBA from 15 March to 2 May.
Roskilde is home to surviving 11th-century Viking ships, the Lousiana Museum of Modern Art, and the Hans Christian Andersen Museum--a half-timbered cottage displaying a comprehensive collection of letters, manuscripts, and personal effects.
And among the half-timbered shops and Georgian houses of Norwich is the school where Britain's naval hero was a pupil.