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Half-term could also be a time of high demand for employers in the tourism and leisure sectors, he added.
A teachers' representative said that if schools in the same districts took half-term at different times it could make life difficult for teachers whose own children might have a different week off.
But Prof Cooper, professor of occupational psychology at Lancaster University, said, "All you have to do is vary the week, within a three-week period, when schools take their half-term break.
Geoff Haden, vice-chairman of Tourism Swansea Bay, said Welsh schools had taken the autumn half-term holiday a week later than English ones this year - bringing in more income for some leisure attractions.
In our experience, when half-term is split we probably turn over 150% of what we would do if all schools had half-term in one week.
More than one member of staff may want to be off at the same to see children over half-term and then you're down to 50%,' he said.
Nikki Jones and Heidi Davies, who run a children's shoe shop with four staff in Cardiff, said they deliberately avoided taking on any marketing or buying projects over half-term and holidays.
We wouldn't take on additional work or train up a new member of staff during a half-term week though.
Steve Kaye, who runs Welshpool engineering firm Multi- Services Wales, said he had to juggle madly over half-term and holidays.
Employees are entitled to request their leave as they see fit and some, naturally, want to do so during half-term,' a spokesman said.