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half the usual or regular size

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Most people opt for shower cubicles in their new en suite, and it's a great option that doesn't take up too much space, although you could always choose a half-size bath or a corner bath.
And the magnificent result, a half-size model of a J27 North Eastern Railway loco, is now situated in Marske Road, with a floral display adding to the feature.
3 This Bosch (GDR) has the same power as the half-size drill.
The "out-of-scale" was a latent defect that WPAFB had reason to suspect--bidders should have been warned of these existing half-size drawings.
Yes, the whole chocolate kiss takes longer to melt than the half-size piece.
Another version plumbs a pump directly to the back of the engine that drives two half-size motors that send power to the front and rear axles.
Inka's range of Presswood Pallets allows for most shipping requirements, from smaller half-size pallets, where loads may need to be separated later in their journey; to the standard Euro (800by 1200mm) and industrial size (1000 by 1200mm), as well as ISO container size (1145 by 1145mm).
stores that have changed to special half-size samples have neater presentations and thus more sales.
Rents especially have gone through the roof: I found a half-size trailer renting for $625 a month, a room in a genuinely creepy residential motel for $250 a week.
The board comes in a half-size PCI host bus adapter form factor, and is fully compliant with the PCI Local Bus Spec, Rev 2.
This technology allows the printer to output half-size drops in areas where greater detail is required, such as printing the image of a person's face.
I suggested, remembering an activity I had used in the past titled "A Half-Size Me" from About Teaching Mathematics (Burns 1992, 50).
Experiment at the barre with a half-size larger shoe.
According to a Mobil development engineer, the system worked to eliminate a long-standing static problem on the company's half-size "semi-works" BOPP line, which was fitted out with a corona treater.
The half-size mid-bus probe is critical for lower link width designs (up to x4) where space constraints make it difficult to design in a full-size debug point.