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one related by blood or origin

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In winter 1987-1988, about 1100 plants from 84 of the half-sib lines from Cycle 4 that had adequate seed amounts were again evaluated for galling and egg mass response when inoculated with Mi.
In this experiment each of 21 male Strongylocentrotus nudus was mated to 3 to 5 females, therefore generating 63 full-sib families and 21 half-sib families.
Damage varied significantly among paternal half-sib families, suggesting that resistance could evolve in response to selection.
The first five half-sib plants in the 10-plant plot were harvested to an 8-cm stubble height with a Swift Current sickle bar harvester (Swift Machining & Welding LTD, Swift Current, SK, Canada) for determination of DMY on 15 July 1999 and 20 July 2001.
In the current investigation, full-sib family was taken as a random effect in a simple random model to account for the covariance among full-sibs caused by common environmental, dam, and nonadditive genetic effects, and half-sib family was used to account for covariance among half-sibs caused by common environmental, dam, sire, and nonadditive genetic effects.
In the two half-sib matrices, both the absolute number and frequency of unique compatibility types were considerably lower than in the full-sib matrices.
Crosses made with Nugget produced offspring with the highest YLD that were significantly higher than each of the other maternal half-sib families (Table 6).
The two estimates are not significantly different, and they agree closely with the r from the half-sib experiment 0.
One half-sib family was dropped from the genetic analysis because of low seed germination.
The variance among half-sib progeny with both dams drawn from the same deme relative to the variance in the metapopulation will be (Cockerham 1967, 1984a,b; Goodnight 1988; Appendix)
Ross was developed by three cycles of recurrent half-sib family selection for increased seed yield and lodging resistance from OMF58, a heterogenous, open-pollinated population.
I present the results of a quantitative-genetic half-sib analysis of growth rate, length of the larval period, and size at metamorphosis for R.
Plants were transferred from the field plots into greenhouse flats, and in June 1997, 4000 plants from the 15 half-sib progenies of selected plants were established in a breeder block near Rathdrum, ID.
We performed crosses to create paternal half-sib families by mating two randomly assigned dams to each sire.