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one related by blood or origin

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The spawning procedure used to produce the NJ and NR half-sib families was the same as described by Ky et al.
25 for half-sib and 0 for unrelated, we used three estimates of relatedness coefficients: rxyW, (Wang, 2002) rxyLR(Lynch and Ritland, 1999) and rxyQG (Queller and Goodnight, 1989).
The completely randomized design was used, where the treatments were those 29 half-sib progenies (1-29), with four replicates with 50 seeds each one.
The Barbacena white maize landrace has been structured in half-sib progenies and subjected to selection among and within the half-sib progeny.
Based on genetic component estimates (Table 3), the heritability estimates of the PE trait are in line with results obtained by Sawazaki (1996), which ranged from 60 to 90% in popcorn half-sib families.
Differences between WHS and SFHS persistence for any genotype were not observed until 2000 (Table 5) and occurred primarily in the falcata half-sib families.
A hierarchical ANCOVA was applied to test for the effect of sire on pupal period in the half-sib design; sex and tray were used as additional factors.
In comparison, inbreeding depression in progenies from crossing between half-sibs is expected to be one-fourth that of selfing, assuming a linear relationship between inbreeding depression and the inbreeding coefficient, f.
The same half-sib families were used as in the shoot water potential experiment (one per site).
We reconstructed full-sib families nested within half-sib families based on the genotype of 90 offspring collected from three different populations for each population separately using the maximum likelihood method implemented in software COLONY 1.
2%, with reciprocal recurrent selection for half-sib families of common maize, which may be related to the fact that selection in half-sib families explores only half the additive variance, while the selection of full-sib families allows the full exploration of additive variance.
The expected probability of identity values of 15 MS markers were calculated in random individuals (PI), random half-sib ([PI.
ABSTRACT Twelve half-sib groups and 36 full-sib groups of small abalone Haliotis diversicolor were obtained by the unbalanced nest design using artificial fertilization of 3 females by each male.
The Syn1 generation of each experimental OPV was formed at Harare in summer 1997-1898, using 34 plants for each of the selected FS families, dividing the families into two groups, and making half-sib pollinations among the two groups on at least three dates.