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disparaging terms for small people

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Then, because there was no champagne handy, she toasted her win with a half-pint carton of chocolate milk.
What you need: A coin, a newspaper and a half-pint glass.
Once your vouchers are complete, use them to pick up a pack of eight KNORR Stock Cubes, a half-pint KNORR Sauce Mix packet and 112 Pint KNORR Soup packet worth pounds 1.
FDA analyzed milk from half-pint plastic-coated cardboard cartons, the type used in federally subsidized school programs.
In one visit, donors can give two half-pints of red cells, compared to the usual one pint of whole blood, which contains a half-pint of red cells and a half-pint of plasma, Galel said.
Watch especially for Skyla, a mini diva, and Christian, a half-pint hero.
whisky, brandy etc served in a half-pint, chunky glasses in some cases and also the spirits drowned by lemonade or coke instead of just a dash.
SUTTON Coldfield's half-pint diva Connie Talbot, who almost won the TV show Britain's Got Talent and has now cut a disc, has not got into this year's pop charts.
The half-pint glass takes its shape from the flute glasses used in Europe for smaller measures.
Mayfield Vanilla Lowfat Milk is a one- percent beverage available in pint-sized Chugs, which are handy carry-along containers, and in half-pint cartons that are ideal for schools.
Regulars in the pub could not recall him supping as much as a half-pint.
The non-pasteurized orange juice is packaged in clear plastic gallons, half-gallons, quarts, pints, 12-ounce, and half-pint containers stating "enjoy by" (or "pull by") July 7, 1999 and bearing the following labels: Sun Orchard, Trader Joe's (gallon size only), Aloha, Zupan, and Voila.
One thing he spotted though, all the Guinness was served in half-pint glasses.
Duncan McDougall, Greenock LIKE reader Annette Welsh, I bought a half-pint Pyrex jug to use for mixing my baby's feed in 1962 and am still using it.
I bet Nicole Kidman is really relieved that her marriage has received the blessing of her half-pint ex, Tom Cruise.