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reduced wage paid to someone who is not working full time

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Eloped with a half-pay captain,' repeated Mr Lillyvick, 'basely and falsely eloped with a half-pay captain.
Mr Inspector placed two chairs for his visitors, before the fire, and communed in a low voice with a brother of his order (also of a half-pay, and Royal Arms aspect), who, judged only by his occupation at the moment, might have been a writing-master, setting copies.
After his doctor signed him off work with stress, Ewan, 39, was quickly put on half-pay by bosses.
The Labour Law provides that women are entitled to 45 days maternity leave with full pay if they have been employed for more than one year, and with half-pay if the period of employment is less than a year.
Having been languishing on half-pay he began to promote his credentials as the man to sort out that little problem.
At the age of 60 they are entitled to half-pay retirement allowance.
He was given half-pay for the time he had spent in prison - 250 francs and an honourable discharge.
They get full pay for certified sickness for up to six months a year and half-pay thereafter up to in any four year period.
Signees of this call wrote, in their statement, that they are "ready to work for half-pay, and even for free, until the adoption of the 2012 Budget and the bill on the PEA.
Earlier this month, Fayyad said PA staff would receive only half-pay until the promised funds arrived.
This would be reduced to half-pay after six months, until the injured worker returned to duty, Shura Council members heard.
They can look forward to half-pay and they will be paid full pay for holidays such as Easter and the spring Bank Holiday.
From October 23, 1979, until October 8, 1988, Half-Pay Life Membership was granted with the proviso that one-half of national dues would be paid each year as well as one-half state/local dues.
Full training is given and there are 13 weeks' holiday ( 32 days at full pay and 33 days at half-pay.
I have been more than fair because I agreed to six months' full pay, and six months' half-pay.