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Synonyms for half-moon

the crescent-shaped area at the base of the human fingernail


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the time at which the Moon is at first or last quarter when half its face is illuminated

References in classic literature ?
of the above reflections, made partly as I dressed and partly in the hansom on the way to Half-moon Street.
His face alarmed me more than any I had left in Half-moon Street.
All the other Isanusis, male and female, sat down in a half-moon facing the king, but this woman drew forward, and with her came nine of her sisterhood.
Then all sat down and feasted and drank merrily together until the sun was low and the half-moon glimmered with a pale light betwixt the leaves of the trees overhead.
In doing this I passed by many a food-stands where fried chicken and half-moon apple pies were piled high and made to present a most tempting appearance.
Stars, crosses, triangles, squares, half-moons, suns-- such are some of the signs used by correspondents.
Tastes differ," murmured the dragonette, slowly drooping its scaley eyelids over its yellow eyes, until they looked like half-moons.
See, though from far, His thousands, in what martial equipage They issue forth, steel bows and shafts their arms, Of equal dread in flight or in pursuit-- All horsemen, in which fight they most excel; See how in warlike muster they appear, In rhombs, and wedges, and half-moons, and wings.
Written with an original flair by Douglas Todd Jennerich and charmingly illustrated by artistry of Kate Berube, "My Little Half-Moon" is specifically recommended for children ages 5 to 8 who have ever looked up at the half-moon hiding in the night sky and thought it looked just the littlest bit lonely without its other half?