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a greyish light (as at dawn or dusk or in dim interiors)

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A half-light broke through the network of boughs above them, flinging the ghost of a net about their feet; for they were mounting again to the faint luminosity of the naked night.
Deep within the tarnished ormulu frame, in the hot half-light sifted through the awning, I saw my own face propped between my hands.
A short, strange glimpse on the top floor of a great hotel of all places in the world: the great man himself; the motionless great bulk in the corner of the slayer of spies and gendarmes; Yakovlitch, the veteran of ancient terrorist campaigns; the woman, with her hair as white as mine and the lively black eyes, all in a mysterious half-light, with the strongly lighted map of Russia on the table.
The person whose mysterious arrival had attracted the attention of Franz stood in a kind of half-light, that rendered it impossible to distinguish his features, although his dress was easily made out.
We call partial half-lights, by courtesy, genius; talent which converts itself to money; talent which glitters to-day that it may dine and sleep well to-morrow; and society is officered by men of parts, as they are properly called, and not by divine men.
We rise in half-light to end our sleep-night, / begin the all-consuming day.
Gathering in the half-light of dawn holds great importance and maintains a traditional operational routine long held by soldiers in the past and still followed today.
When I think of him at four I think how we would slip quietly from the porch each morning before school to see what the grass had washed up, see those rabbits come out of the wood feeding in half-light on the unmown lawn.
for change, mutinous in the half-light, and malignant.
It is the best of cottage garden flowers - helping to spread its delightful perfume, especially on a warm evening when its heads glow in the half-light.
It is the best of cottage garden flowers - its height helping to spread its delightful perfume, especially on a warm evening when its heads glow in the half-light.
I'm only half-asleep as I hear the muezzin's call to prayer resounding from a loudspeaker in the half-light just before dawn: "Allaaaaaaaahu akhbar
In the spare minutes at either ends of the working day, the team can often be seen capturing unexpected moments on camera, often in the half-light of sunrise or sunset when landscape photography is most commonly practised.
The more immediate effect the installation produced had to do with the play of light it generated: Indeed, half-light reigned under this structure that supported nothing if not an illuminated zone--a sky?
Keep it damp and it will flower even in half-light.