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a greyish light (as at dawn or dusk or in dim interiors)

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She felt her eyes opening wider and wider, her fingers and toes twitching nervously, something within oppressing her breathing, while all shapes and sounds seemed in the uncertain half-light to strike her with unaccustomed vividness.
I carried no smile across the threshold of a darkened chamber which reeked of drugs and twinkled with medicine bottles, and in the middle of which a gaunt figure lay abed in the half-light.
Deep within the tarnished ormulu frame, in the hot half-light sifted through the awning, I saw my own face propped between my hands.
And deep in the half-light other rods dodged deliberately to and fro, crossheads nodded, discs of metal rubbed smoothly against each other, slow and gentle, in a commingling of shadows and gleams.
A short, strange glimpse on the top floor of a great hotel of all places in the world: the great man himself; the motionless great bulk in the corner of the slayer of spies and gendarmes; Yakovlitch, the veteran of ancient terrorist campaigns; the woman, with her hair as white as mine and the lively black eyes, all in a mysterious half-light, with the strongly lighted map of Russia on the table.
We call partial half-lights, by courtesy, genius; talent which converts itself to money; talent which glitters to-day that it may dine and sleep well to-morrow; and society is officered by men of parts, as they are properly called, and not by divine men.
She bit her lip and stood shivering in gloomy half-light, marooned for a moment in the past.
In the half-light of my flat, I give up, get a bowl of cereal and sit on the sofa and drift.
It is the best of cottage garden flowers - its height helping to spread its delightful perfume, especially on a warm evening when its heads glow in the half-light.
It is the best of cottage garden flowers - helping to spread its delightful perfume, especially on a warm evening when its heads glow in the half-light.
In the spare minutes at either ends of the working day, the team can often be seen capturing unexpected moments on camera, often in the half-light of sunrise or sunset when landscape photography is most commonly practised.
The more immediate effect the installation produced had to do with the play of light it generated: Indeed, half-light reigned under this structure that supported nothing if not an illuminated zone--a sky?
Keep it damp and it will flower even in half-light.
The cover photograph shows him long-shot in a dark room gazing out at bare trees; inside the booklet he is pictured, again in half-light, seated on a solitary chair.
In the past year, Welsh locations have been graced by Hollywood stars such as Demi Moore, who was filming Half-light on Anglesey, Dougray Scott, filming The Truth About Love in Cardiff, Ioan Gruffudd filming King Arthur in Powys and Carmarthenshire and Diana Rigg, filming Heidi on location in Llanelli.