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the time required for something to fall to half its initial value (in particular, the time for half the atoms in a radioactive substance to disintegrate)

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Valve Software, the developer, is infamously mute about Half-Life 3 .
It's been nearly 10 years now since Half-Life 2: Episode 2.
Although the estimated elimination half-life is long (about 11 days with a range of 6-24 days), the high molecular weight (about 154,000) should limit fetal exposure, at least in the first half of pregnancy The drug should be avoided in pregnancy, however, based on the animal data, the mechanism of action, and its combination with doxorubicin.
Scientists don't have a good understanding of such unusual decays; measuring the half-life would help pin down the details of the process and the nucleus' structure.
The PEG conjugation is effective in prolonging the in vivo half-life of FVIIa.
That means the Xen chunks of Half-Life still aren't here; they were also missing from the free, unfinished version of the game released in 2012.
Longer parasite clearance half-life is associated with the organism's increasing resistance to the drug.
Serum albumin displays a long half-life of 19 days in humans, in contrast to protein therapeutics, which are usually cleared from the body within a matter of minutes or hours.
We had three major hypotheses: (i) the half-life of DCD in soil does not differ with the amount of DCD application; (ii) the addition of different sources of N (urine or synthetic N fertiliser) has no influence on the half-life of DCD in soil; and (iii) seasonal variations in soil temperature affect the half-life of DCD in a soil.
Keywords: Learning Curve, Half-Life, Learn-Forget Models, Performance, Training, Acquisition
These results support other research indicating that a maximum intrinsic elimination half-life for persistent chemicals such as PCBs is approximately 10--15 years.
THIS compilation brings together on PC, and puts out for the first time on XBox 360, the tremendous Half-Life 2 series, together with some more than worthwhile filler.
You get Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Team Fortress 2, and Portal, all based on the same graphics engine, but all very different.
Lipoxen's PolyXen(r) protein drug delivery technology links therapeutic proteins, or peptides, to the naturally occurring polymer polysialic acid to prolong protein stability and biological half-life, and to improve solubility and immunological characteristics while maintaining biological activity and minimizing toxicity.
Among the tips: Find out which radioisotope will be used in the procedure and its half-life; discuss with the physician the length of time the patient may emit detectable radiation and schedule travel accordingly; and get a letter from the physician with "the patient's name, contact information for the testing facility, the name of the nuclear medicine procedure, the date of the treatment or test, the radionuclide that was used, its half-life, its administered activity and 24-hour contact information.